For as long as you can remember, you have been trying to fix yourself

You may not call it that, of course, but if you are truly honest, that is what everything has been about.

You want to fix you.

You want to make you a better human.

Be it all the education you have gotten and continue to get.

Be it the spiritual rituals you take part in so religiously.

Be it the exercise you push yourself to do

Be it the desperate longing prayers you send up to the heavens.

Be it in all the self-improvement books and courses you read and take part in.

Be it the giving up in disgust because nothing seems to be working

And so, then you go the opposite way and just do nothing but wallow in your perceived imperfections.

You try to drown out the pain of knowing how horrid you are, by getting caught up in all manner of drama.

Maybe, just maybe, if you help enough people solve their problems then maybe, JUST MAYBE, you will be a better human.

Except that does not work really.

But it does distract you from your perceived flaws until the next time, you feel like shit because you had a moment to listen to the ongoing crazy inner chatter in your head reminding you so diligently of just how far from where you want to be, you are.

Success seems to come so much easier to everyone else or at least, they seem to find a way to be happier and more content with their life than you do.

And that just adds to your deep awareness that there is something deeply wrong with you.

And so, you keep trying to change

Or you keep trying to drown out your need to change

Whichever way, it all feels bad.

Just so freaking bad.

You feel like you must be missing something which just adds to your feelings of there being something wrong with you.

And yes, honey, you are missing something.

You are missing the MOST IMPORTANT something.

It is so critical for any kind of personal transformation and yet, when I tell you, you will nod along in agreement while doing absolutely nothing about it.

Like the go-getter you are, you will just keep trying and trying and trying all manner of things to finally transform yourself or you will get to the point of ‘I am done with trying, I give up’  Because it has always been all or nothing for you.

AWAKEN, my dear, and listen real good to me.

The Most IMPORTANT step for personal transformation is…




If you cannot love and accept yourself as you are, nothing will ever change

When you love and accept yourself as you are, you realise nothing needs to change in order for you to be a better human or successful or whatever it is you are desperately longing for.

You are already everything you need to be.

And this scares you because you think it means you will never get the desires of your heart.

And yet, the only way to get the desires of your heart is to DECIDE that you are WORTHY of them and ENOUGH for them and DESERVING of them RIGHT NOW.

And if you do not love and accept yourself, you will FOREVER stand apart from the very things you claim to want because you do not feel you have a right to them.

Even if you did work hard enough and pray hard enough to get them, you would always be afraid that one day, they will be taken from you because everyone will see just how bad you are.

Most people in this bind, sabotage themselves and lose everything before anyone has the chance to come take it away

Others live with fear all the time.

A very small number of people finally realise that the only issue they have ever had is one of self-hatred

AWAKEN, love.

AWAKEN to the truth that your resistance towards your own awesome self is the biggest cause of what you consider to be your failure to prosper & thrive.

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