There is a simple principle at work in life as you go about the business of discovering who you are and getting all the things that you want while you are still alive.

This particular principle plays out whether you like it or not.

“The more people you serve, the more money you make”

And it works whether you think you want money or not.

A lot of us spiritual peeps get a bit mixed up when we talk about money – There is a feeling that it is wrong to, in any way, think or talk about it except to spend your life doing something you do not want to do, in order to get it.

And that, honey, is a learnt fallacy.

A learnt fallacy that leaves you stuck in a situation you do not even like anymore.

Why do you think that you are condemned to struggle, if you choose to do the thing that drives your heart and also serves people?

I see leaders like you, stuck in a job, they no longer want, from 9-5 (or longer) and then they try to fit in the things that they love to do, after work or at the weekend.

One unfortunate side effect of this is that your own kids do not get to see you as you go about trying to change the world in your spare time or they start to resent all the other people you help.

And more than that, you are making money seem more and more wrong in your head.

You associate money with doing things that you do not want to do.  You feel like you can only make money when you are working for ‘the man’ or building a business that is not aligned to your purpose but can make you money.

You feel it is WRONG to make money from the people that you help.

How does that make any sense?

Is a workman due his pay, or not?  (In case, you do not know – This is a saying in the Bible.)

Is he only due his pay when he dislikes the work that he does?  Or is he due his pay whatever the work he does that serves someone?

Ask yourself these questions and do not allow weird thinking get in the way of you creating a life and a business that enables you to wake up with a spring in your step, like I have every day!

Just the feeling that I get to serve people and ALSO, do exactly what I want to do, is pretty awesome!

Why would you deny yourself that?

This is the thing, I know that you are not trying to get money for doing nothing.

OH NO!  the problem for you is that you are trying very hard to repel money except when you dislike the work that you do.

It is a crazy place to be in.

Stop it.

Create pathways for wealth to come as you serve more and more people.  Create products that will help people and sell them to those who want the help.  Build up a community of people who you encourage, educate and entertain daily and let other ethical businesses, that you believe in, have access to them by selling advertising to those other businesses.  Find other people’s products that will help your people and offer it to them.

Be creative and figure out ways for wealth to make its way to you while you serve in the way you are designed to do.

There are so many opportunities for wealth creation.

Just let it happen!

Stop repelling it, thinking you are doing something wrong!


Get deliberate about the thoughts in your head.  Just because you have always believed something, does not make it true.  Some things really do not stand up to scrutiny.

Live life deliberately and question everything.

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