Honey, it is you…


The message is you!

That is what you need to be putting out there

Not spending all this time trying to figure out how to position this thing and that thing so that people will like it and maybe give you a little money for it.

You just need to believe in yourself

Really truly believe in the magic that is you

Really truly believe that nothing you have been through is for nothing

Really truly believe in the POWER OF YOU!

And yep, tack on something to sell but really, IT IS YOU!

You, your energy, your power, your story, your magic

That is what the world needs to see…

But you have allowed that very same world to make you feel small

To make you feel like you need to be trying to appease all 7.whatever billion of them

When you were never called to all of them, ANYWAY!

You were called to a select few people and they will ONLY SEE YOU when YOU SHOW THE HECK UP AS YOU!

Yes, we want a business machine in the background

Yes, we want to automate as much as we can

But all of that is so that YOU CAN SHOW UP AND BE YOU!

Will you dare?

Or will you keep looking for the magic bullet that you keep thinking is out there somewhere?

What if you fully, truly realised that the growth of this business of yours is a spiritual journey?

It is the growth and expansion of you


You loving yourself enough to value the contribution you are here to make

I know it seems scary to be seen in this way

It seems deluded to think that your people will buy into you

And yet, it is true

so tell me, will you buy into you?

Because when you do, you will be unstoppable

And that of course, brings me to my latest invitation to you…

UNSTOPPABLE: Connect to the Divine, Connect To Hearts, Call in the Cash is the summarised version of the bootcamp

Ultimately, it is all explained on the page at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/unstoppable

Much Amazing Love

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