The Lostness You Feel, Is Optional

This morning, I had a conversation with Papa, as per normal, and here is a little excerpt.

“You are so used to being in My presence, you do not even realise how lost many feel.  They have worshipped forever and still feel so alone.  They feel so separate from ME and it is their choice as they refuse to question their beliefs.  Their dogma has become more important than their connection to ME.  Appearing right has become more important than being connected to ME.  And they compete with those who are also lost and trying to find their way.”

Now, we went on to talk about a lot more and it really was so profound but I cannot even begin yet to give it true words as I want it to further plant within my soul first.

However, what comes up for you as you read that passage above?

Do you feel lost at times? or maybe all of the time?

For me, connection to the Divine has always been the cry of my heart and it has always driven everything that I do.

Though being an action-oriented person, I have sometimes found it difficult to maintain closeness as I was torn between trying to make my way in the regular every day world where spirituality was something to hide and the deep desire within me to ignore the world and go live on top of Mount Kilimanjaro eating locusts and honey while deeply meditating.

And being someone who has always wanted to make a difference to many while experiencing all of life and making lots of money, I was not sure that the Divine would even want someone supposedly ‘greedy’ and ‘prideful’ like me.

The dogma I had taken on, as truth, seemed to suggest that I was greedy and proud and that I had to deny all my earthly desires if I did want to be close to the Divine.

And as I internally sensed that we were most effective when we were connected to the Source of all that is, I thought I had to do what ‘they’ said.

Long story short, I finally found the courage to walk away from all of that, rather than continue to use it as some kind of benchmark for how spiritual I was.

It is now Papa and I – the way it was always supposed to be.

And I find now that it is enough.

NOt just something I sing about.

Not just something I read about.

It is my EXPERIENCE that Papa & I are enough.

And I can see now that Source never withheld anything material or spiritual from me, it was just my beliefs and my refusal for a long time to question said beliefs that kept me so bound up in nonsense.


And so now, I am willing to question everything, drop all silly ideas and pick up those that empower me.

And I see you holding on desperately to beliefs that hurt you.

YOu may never have gone down the route of religion but same things tend to apply to spiritual peeps, whatever they wish to call themselves

Spiritual people get this idea that desiring to live life to its fullness, negates their desire to be one with Source.

And so they think they have to choose one or the other.

Some go down the route of renouncing everything and meditating/healing all day, going to jobs they do not like, always being in lack but hey… they are close to the Divine.

BUT VERY HUNGRY!  And still LOST.  wondering why life feels so tough.  Trying not to feel victimised by the Divine.  Trying not to be resentful.

They claim not to be motivated by money but actually, most of what they do is done ONLY BECAUSE they need money or love, so what is their master?

And other, more action-oriented peeps decide, without truly deciding, to ignore the more spiritual aspects of themselves and relegate it to spiritual moments.

During the work day, they work hard, taking action, action, action, ACTION, seeking to create the wealth, fame or whatever they desire.

Feeling permanently guilty/shameful because they think it is disallowed.

They either get used to this permanent feeling of guilt/shame and learn to live with it

Or they keep doing some kind of penance by having disciplined quiet times and serving in religious organisations or in their community to assuage the guilt they feel.

They may have big titles in these organisations and look the part of successful and deeply spiritual but they feel empty and lost and GUILTY/Shameful.

And they never quite break through to the heights they long to.  Instead, they get caught up in small time stuff in the community (a faint shadow of what their vision is but nowhere near as satisfying as the real thing) and they get distracted by lots of drama.

So… still lost.

And it does not have to be this way.

But nothing will change until you dare to look FIERCELY at your beliefs and dogma.

You will keep glorifying either poverty or hard misaligned work or both as some kind of noble thing – THEY ARE NOT!

YOu will keep trying to jump through hoops to feel closer to the Divine because something inside of you, desperately desires that ongoing bliss feeling.

But still get NOWHERE near the bliss of divine connection PLUS purpose PLUS wealth.

You can have it all.

But you have to give up the lesser stuff.

Unfortunately for you, the lesser stuff feels like all you can have and so you are holding on to it desperately.

YOu are fighting for it.

YOu are quoting bible verses or whatever spiritual text you prefer, trying to protect your way of relating to the world.

And it is keeping you lost, just-over-broke and alone.

WAKE UP, love.

You KNOW there is so much more for you.

And you know it will be found when you seek the kingdom FIRST.

Lay down your need to be right.


Be guided to more.

YOu are sooooooooo loved.

Love yourself enough to get over yourself.

The all-round prosperity you desire, awaits.

And the world awaits your full awakening.

Let go.


And on that note, I invite you to work with me in WORK LESS. MAKE MORE.

Let me impart to you a new way of doing life and business.

If what you read resonated with something within you and you are an action-oriented spirit-driven entrepreneurial soul then this is the bootcamp for you.

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Much Amazing Love

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