I just came off the phone with a client and I am actually thrilled with his progress though, he probably does not agree.

The lies are coming up for air.

And when they come up for air, I am there with my battleaxe ready to take them down to chinatown… or something!

This is the thing, the thing that most people kinda know but when it is happening to them, THEY DO NOT REALISE IT IS HAPPENING.

The lie(s) does not come to you and announce itself as a lie.


It comes cloaked in truth.

It seems so plausible.

It seems reasonable and sensible and logical and ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

Of course, you cannot take the next step, you feel unclear.

And who knows if that will work anyway?

And you need a solid step-by-step plan.

And it is unreasonable to spend that money on this thing that will progress your vision because you don’t know if your vision is even feasible yet.

You have to do some feasibility tests first.

And why would they buy it from ‘little old you’?  You need more certificates first.

And you tried that the last time so this time, you better get it really truly right before you make a move.

And surely, if you were called to do this work, it would feel easy and all the doors would open immediately.

And you don’t feel good, right now so of course, it cannot be right to keep going.

And your parents need you anyway so why are you thinking about doing this thing at this time.

And you NEED more clarity FIRST.

And you need to learn something else first, which of course, then leads to something else, and then some other something else and then the day is gone so now it is too late.

And you know it is irresponsible for you to do that when your kids need you to do some other thing.

And your partner does not agree with you about this course of action and so their opinion must come first, of course.

And if you are that super-spiritual person, then you know you need to go for some more healing of that inner child issue first because you always get tripped up by that.

And I could go on and on with the VERY TRUE sounding LIES that keep people from their destiny.

Thankfully, with my client, he is done with listening to the lies and so, he is open to some home truths which I quite enjoy throwing down.

But not everyone is so fortunate to have someone as awesome as me in their corner ( HA HA!)

I just need you to understand, my love, that you are seeking to do something different from what you have ever done.

Your whole mind is going to be fighting you.

But it knows that it cannot come to you blatantly because you will dismiss it as fear so instead, it comes cloaked as the truth and it confuses and overwhelms you and gets you looking at the wrong stuff.

And it sniggers to itself that it has distracted you AGAIN and so, you are safely within the comfort zone, telling yourself stories about how sensible you have been by avoiding doing anything except worry about everything.

And you tell yourself that you will be ready…soon.

And another day goes by.

And then another.

And then another.

And I am not even talking about passive people here.

I am talking to YOU, the super-person that everyone wonders how you get so much done while you wonder why the things you really want done, ARE NOT DONE!

Honey, hear me now.

The lie does not come to you and announce it is a lie.

And yet, you need to understand that ANYTHING, and I do mean ANYTHING, ANYONE, that gets in the way of you getting you and your product, service, music, books, art, ministry out there in the world this very instant…

ANYTHING that stops you taking solid action, RIGHT NOW, is a freaking lie.

Whether it seems like one or not.

And it will keep tripping you up until you get serious about winning the war within you.

Let me tell you now that the thing that stops people from winning is hardly ever the physical action.

Most of us are willing to do whatever (or so we say) to get the win.

The thing that trips you up is a lack of self-mastery and so you keep allowing your mind to deliver lies to you that you think are truths.

And you keep reacting to the physical reality as though it is permanent and unchangeable.

And you keep wanting the approval of people who do not care enough to give it to you.

Which is all linked back to you not mastering your inner world.

This journey to success is a battle that only the most focused will win.

And Anyone can be focused.


But you gotta see the lies when they show up.

Are you truly ready to win yet?

No beating yourself up for being taken in again.

EVEN THAT is a lie that you can indulge forever where you are still distracted by how silly you have been, instead of keeping your eyes on the prize and loving yourself for who you are now

I invite you to work with me in WIN THE WAR WITHIN

Surely it is your time.

I believe it is but as I said to my client, I cannot own your vision more than you do.

However, this is what I know – When you come work with me, I will help you spot those lies and I will support you in doing the work to transcend them while at the same time, taking powerful physical action forward.

Are you about ready to begin mastering your inner world and also, mastering the deliberate life design process?

Are you also ready to hear what most people in your world will not tell you as you go round and round chasing your tail and getting nowhere?

Good, RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/winthewarwithin.

And before you go, I also felt led to put together a training called RELENTLESS FOCUS this morning so that is ready for you now at $7.  RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/relentlessfocus

It covers the daily musts of a spiritual entrepreneur ready to boldly claim the best of everything.

Are you ready to truly AWAKEN?

Much Amazing Love


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