The Lie That I am Helpless…

Do you feel helpless?  I sometimes feel like that.  Not so much now but there are times when I decide I am going to feel sorry for myself and helpless against all the odds that seem stacked up against me.

Forget Helpless, Choose Powerful

Doing what I do, I speak with people who feel helpless because of what someone has done to them, because of what someone has said to them, because it all seems too much to deal with.

They may have started a business and the reality of trying to make it a success is a bit more effort than they had anticipated. They wish they had started in a better economy, when the banks were lending, when their children were younger, when their children are older, when they knew what to do better and so on.

They treat their business like a hobby because they are too scared to commit fully to it and so needless to say, they get what they expect – NOT MUCH!

They start to think business is just not for them, they start to look back at the job with longing. 

Depending on how the conversation is going, I am pleased they are speaking to me because there is something I know that they obviously have lost sight of.  At other times, I hear words that signify to me that, for right now, they are more convinced by their story than they would be by any potential solution.

These are usually the ones that say things like ‘Well, tell me what to do then?’,  The underlying meaning being “You do not know what you are talking about!, I have tried everything you can possibly suggest and nothing will ever prove me wrong.  I AM helpless, it is just the way things are”

And yet, for all types of people out there, the thing I know that you may have lost sight of is that you are powerful.  In each of us is an incredible power to create and design the life we really want to live.  That is not to say that it will all fall in your lap just by you shouting ‘I Am Powerful!’ 10 times today.

Not Helpless, Powerful You Are

However, imagine what could be different if you started to believe in your own power.  It took you a long time to believe that you were weak and helpless and it will take some time to convince yourself otherwise but little by little, you can start to dream again, to take actions that reinforce the truth that you are created to live a big life.

You may already be in business but the negative parts of it are sucking you dry.  Your initial optimism for your business is almost gone.  You are doing it but you are more like the living dead.  Even now, right where you are, you can reinvigorate your business, you can reinvigorate your life.  Whilst you are alive, you are not helpless to change things.

As Mandela said “Our worst fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” It takes courage to live life powerfully because there will always be those who want to put you down for doing the thing they wish they would dare to do.

Will you reject the lie?  And step into your power?

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