I used to do this all the time…

Chase after success here, there and everywhere.  Follow this strategy, then the next one, then add on another sure-fire business that was going to work in two seconds…

And I wasted time, instead of just getting focused and getting to work, making one thing work.

And then, I would wonder why I felt so overwhelmed.

I am a capable person…

I know that once my mind is set on something, I will do whatever it takes to get it… until I get distracted, that is…

It is so easy to set a goal for a certain amount of money  and then, because there are numerous ways to get there, you start dabbling at this and that and the other thing over there until you have your hand in so many pies and NONE of them are working.

Let’s try focus instead.

Let’s try getting clear on more than just our money goals.  Get clear also on the lifestyle you want on the way to making them happen.

No point just thinking ‘Any way will do’ and proceeding to demolish our bodies and health and mental wellbeing in the process.  It is hard enough getting one entrepreneurial venture to work without trying several at once and giving none of them the required attention to make them work.

Ask yourself these questions…

1. What do you want to make, in terms of money?

Write it down.

2. How would you prefer to make it?  What business will support it?

Write it down.

3. What type of a lifestyle do you want while on the journey to making things happen?

Write it down.

4. How many hours do you want to give to your business each day or week?

Write that down and know that this starts to define how long it will take to reach your goal so manage your expectations.  It is awesome to hear of those overnight successes that went from zero to hero in two seconds but it is rarely, if ever true and honey, the chances are, your business will take a little longer than you think in your excited amateur state.

5. Who will support you and keep you accountable while you ramp up your business and manage all the craziness of adding a business into the already busy life you lead?

I personally would never, EVER do anything without a coach or a mastermind group because I know how easy it is to get distracted and the thing is, I do not even know that I am doing it until someone actually points it out to me.

And what of those crazy beliefs you have going on in your head?  The ones that get in the way of just getting on and doing teh work?

The ‘Is this actually going to work?’ thoughts that take up a whole evening that could have been spent in action making it work.

The ‘Am I good enough to make this work?’ thoughts that again, eat up time and keep you looking at other people and thinking that their way is the only way.

The ‘You are doing enough.  Take a break’ thoughts that are fuelled by the people in your life who mean well but who have no clue what it takes to build a successful business.

All of those things cut into your clarity and your action so get rid of those thoughts and find someone with no agenda except your success to help you out.

And if you want a formula for getting over yourself and getting those first five customers, clients and recruits into your online business, pop on over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/5customers.

Give up the crazy headless chicken routine and get clear and focused on ONE plan that works.

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