The Great Big Intelligence out there

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And almost two weeks later, I come back.  I am taking a much needed break (or so I say) for a little time in the lead up to Christmas.  Time to chillax with the girls and see friends in a relaxed manner rather than a ‘sorry, need to take that call’ manner.  Sorry guys who have had to put up with that recently…

Big Intelligence

This evening on my returning from my other calling in life, I was listening to Napoleon Hill as I do a lot of the time.  A book called ‘[amazon_link id=”1402790058″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Outwitting the Devil[/amazon_link]’ – I may have mentioned it before (Let me just go check… Oh, Wow, I do not seem to have written about it!).  Anyway, it is a pretty amazing book as are all of Napoleon’s writings.  If you have not already, you should read as much of his stuff as possible.

Anyway, as I listened, I got to thinking about intelligence.  What does that word mean to you? I imagine some of you have already switched right off as you consider that of course, intelligence is not a word that can be applied to you.  But the kind of intelligence that is spoken of at school and admired is not necessarily what I mean. Of course, it has its place.  Everywhere around us are ideas, ideas that someone lifted out of the ether and created something out of.  The cutlery we use, the toilet we sit on, the scissors, the pens, the clothes we wear.  Do you ever wonder how someone decided cakes should be made?  Who decided to taste eggs and figure out how to cook them?  Lemon Meringue pie?

Some of these were solutions to problems people had, some of these must surely have been a fluke discovery that somehow got re-created.  All of them seemingly came from nowhere and suddenly, they are everywhere and we cannot imagine life any other way.

When I consider all these things, I cannot help but know that there is something out there.  Something bigger out there that drops ideas and thoughts out there for anyone to pick up and act upon.  Thoughts become almost tangible when you think of them like that.  I wonder if I am explaining myself well or not.

Have you ever really wanted to find something, and then out of nowhere a thought occurs to you and you decide to follow the path that the thought leads and then you go on to find that something.  You get a gut feeling about someone/something, you ignore it and it all goes pear-shaped (this has happened to me recently 🙂 – I live and learn.)  Surely, it is not all coincidence.  It feels to me, like there is guidance out there is we choose to pay attention.

Being Christian myself, I know that anyway.  I also know that The Great Big Intelligence out there is happy for anyone to tune in, if they so choose.  What do you think though?  Do you think it is all just ‘by chance’?  or maybe, you put it down to intuition.  But what feeds that intuition?

OK, I would love everyone to become Christian but that is not what this is about.  This intelligence is all around us and we can all tap into it regardless of our belief system.  I have a feeling that a lot of successful people out there are very aware of the fact that they have done things that are somewhat beyond their solitary abilities.  You do all you can and suddenly just because you are ready, things start to fall into place in ways you could not even imagine.  You follow an idea that seems pretty unlikely and all of a sudden, success arrives in ways you cannot even imagine.

There is a great Big Intelligence out there.  Call me weird but I know it is true.

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