Today is my birthday and again, I gift myself with the right to be myself, warts and all.

A few years ago, I remember waking up on my birthday and going about my normal spiritual practice, connecting to the Divine and ending up lying on the ground wailing as I realised that my whole life had been about submitting to what others wanted from me or rebelling against what others wanted from me.  I saw with painful clarity just how little I had allowed myself to just be myself and I promised myself to surrender to ME – my desires, my purpose, ALL OF ME.

This was and sometimes continues to be a difficult promise to keep as it has challenged all my previously held ideas of what was right and true.

I have left church which meant a lot of my friend group disappeared overnight

I have distanced myself from extended family as I could no longer play the games demanded from me

I have left the surething career of being pharmacist and then gone on to shift and change my business repeatedly as I refused to cater to the whims of the wrong people and end up still building the wrong career!

I have almost broken my marriage at least twice

There has been a lot of pain

And a lot of pride and joy as I have slowly but surely returned home to myself

I have deepened my connection to God as I truly understood what it meant to see only the Divine as my source

It could no longer just be words – I truly had to have faith

I truly had to believe that I would be okay, that the Divine had my back even if my old pattern of thinking tried to scare me silly into thinking that I would inevitably end up in hell for all eternity and completely alone and hated here on earth.

The journey continues.

I am certainly not sharing some rags to riches story here though that would have been nice to tie everything up in one lovely “And now I am a billionaire, loving life forever”

But this is no movie – This is my life and I want the full experience of it – the highs, the lows, the despair and the joy

I have written books, I have created training programs, I have supported many to begin their journey back to themselves and I even get paid to do this…

I am doing what I had been told was impractical

What I had told myself was impractical

And I am so proud of me and the fact that I had hidden strength within that I never knew existed in my old, mass-mind-produced life

Yes, I am so proud of the life I have created.

And still, as I lay to bed last night, I heard the Divine whisper that I was still filtering my inner experience too much…


So now, on this awesome birthday of mine, I give myself permission again to be all of me


the dark

the light

I choose to back myself completely

I am so done with trying to fix me all the time, trying to force myself into a box I no longer align with

I allow myself to BE ALL OF ME!

I have seen the fruit of self-denial in myself & in clients and it is not pretty

Self-doubt as you daily betray yourself and try to convince yourself that your own thoughts and feelings are invalid

Low-level sadness or full-blown depression and suicide ideation as you more and more feel like you do not truly matter

Financial restriction – Your energy is so muted out, your ability to create anything you desire is practically gone.  and even when you do manage to make more money, you still feel terribly restricted or even experience the weirdness of your debt increasing even faster

Your whole life gets smaller and smaller and smaller as you keep trying to deny who you truly are.

You become all about the drama and nonsense of everyone around you

And the resentment and anger builds up within you but because you deny your own inner experience, you do not even realise what you are feeling…

YOu just get more and more anxious, tired and fed up.

You feel more and more dead inside.

But you just slap a smile on your face and tell yourself that this is being an adult.

And yet, you are called to be bringer of the new

You are called to be wayshower

And you are meant to live life to its fullness!

You feel the longing in your deepest heart to return home to yourself.

But you have anchored yourself down in a life that you do not even love and now, fear keeps you so trapped

You do not trust the Divine though you claim to but no you don’t – not really

And you certainly do not trust that you have what it takes to make your transition into a life that allows you to take care of your responsibilities and also, live to your true design

And so you stay stuck

Longing for more

But scared of reaching out to create it

But the choice is yours.

there is no more sign to come from the Divine

No one can give you permission to be you, except you.

You can keep telling yourself how impractical it is to think that you can design and create the life you truly want, that you can create the financial reality you truly desire…

Or you can surrender to you

Your desires

Your vision

You can decide to truly trust the Divine and you can decide to back yourself

the choice is yours.

As I already mentioned, the journey has had lots of pain for me so I don’t blame you for wanting to stay in your current life, even though you already know how painful your life feels.

And that is the thing, my love – YOUR LIFE IS PAINFUL ALREADY!

RIGHT NOW, it hurts to keep denying yourself – Can you be honest about that?

And this is what YOU KNOW for sure – the pain will never end until you choose you.

Whereas, yes, this transitional journey brings pain but it is not forever, there is an end in sight as you clear the noise, the nonsense and the drama that has accumulated over years of being whatever others wanted from you.

You feel the truth in what I am saying to you but in the end, YOU ARE THE ONE WITH ALL THE CHOICES.

Stay stuck in your current life and die having never really lived…

or come join me on the Deliberate Millionaire path to the free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, LOVE-DRENCHED life

What will it be?

I can help…

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There is no more time to waste in an unfulfilled and financially restricted life.

Much Amazing Love

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