The game playing people do on the Wii & in Life

The games people play on the Wii & in LifeThis weekend, the princesses got themselves a Wii-U. OK, what I really mean is that Simon decided to pop down the shop and swap their old Wii for a Wii-U and so the weekend was full of game-playing that I never ever get involved in anymore.

Game-playing is way too time – consuming, don’t you think?

In more ways than one.

Yes, there are the games one plays on TV or some hand-held console and then, there are the games people play with each other in real life.

And in business…

People pretend to be looking out for your best interest but really, all they are doing is hoping you do not notice what they are up to when you are not looking.

Business can be cruddy and yep, you can see the worst sides of people as they go about playing games with each other, hoping that no one notices.

Poor show!

You are probably a pretty straightforward kinda peep – You just want to increase your income and figure out how to do it using your strengths and doing something you love. But there is so much out there making you wonder if anything can help you so you dither and dither and you learn this and that in a piecemeal fashion but in the end, you end up spending such a lot and all you are, is OVERWHELMED.

Because you are not quite sure what to do first so… you do nothing.

And you get caught up in thinking that everything is a lot more complicated than it really is because you have done a little of this and a little of that and none of it has really worked so you wonder…

But you have no one to ask the questions, except maybe your partner who just wants you to settle down and be content with your lot in life because this new found enthusiasm of yours is upsetting the balance of THEIR life.

And so I find myself wondering why you put yourself through that…

When you could be part of the Deliberate Millionaire?

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