The game is rigged in your favour

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The game is rigged in your favourThere are days when you think that everything is against you…

There are days when you think you will never get what you want out of life…

There are days when your kids do not do what you expect them to do and you blame yourself for being a bad parent…

There are days when you feel you have made the worst mistakes ever and you think you can never be all you feel you are…

There are days when you are so covered in doubt and fear and you are so sure, so absolutely sure that nothing you do is ever good enough…

It is in those moments that you must remember…

You must absolutely remember that the game is rigged in your favour!

It feels so intense.

It feels so tough.

It is hard to believe and trust and all those lovely sounding words when things seem on the surface not to be going your way and yet you must call to mind that …

The game is rigged in your favour.

All of the universe, God Himself, wants you to win.

All you have to do is stay on course, choose what you want and keep moving forward to claim it.

All you have to do is not get distracted by what seems terrible and horrible and impossible.

All you have to do is hold fast to the promise that hope comes in the morning.

No matter how dark it seems right now…

No matter how heavy the weight is…

You must choose to keep moving forward and keep believing that the game is rigged in your favour.

And I know you read these words and you think that I do not know what you have gone through.  You think that if I understood the difficulty of your life, the busyness, the many, many demands on you, the many disappointments, the pain of lost hope upon lost hope then I would see that nothing ever seems to work your way and I would understand why you cannot keep pushing, keep hoping, keep believing.

And yet, I ask you, “is this all you want?”  Is this all that you want me to believe life has for you?

What if I did believe you?!

What if I did allow you to believe the darkness that you persist in feeding your mind?!

What then?!

You would be trapped here!

Trapped in this life that you say you do not want!

And I do not want that for you so yes, I refuse to believe you!

I refuse to listen to you as you tell me your story of woe and hurt and pain and inability to get what you want.

I refuse to listen as you tell me why you cannot dream anymore, why you must be responsible (and when you say responsible, you really mean “I must give up and settle for whatever I can get”)

I refuse to join in your pity party because I see you for the powerful person you really are.

Can you see you?

Can you really, truly see yourself?

Because if you could see what I see then you would not give voice to those nonsensical claims of weakness and despair.

The game is rigged in your favour!

Enough! I say, ENOUGH!

It is time to put the effort into creating a life you adore and take the effort away from maintaining one you don’t – Why would you not want to?

Your results flow from your effort and from your focus.

So, take a moment now, to write out exactly what you want from your life, your business.

Create a few key sentences that clearly state what you choose to be, to do, to have.

Write them down each and every day until they are plastered all over your brain and add to those statements or affirmations or decrees this huge one.

“The game is rigged in my favour”

“The Game Is Rigged In My Favour”


And maybe then add on a few more…

“I can be, do, have whatever I choose”

“Nothing and no one can stop me, except me”

“And I refuse to stop until I reach my chosen goal”

“The game is rigged in my favour”

“Thank YOU!”

“I fight for, I create the life, the business I want”

And then step into each day powerful and clear and ready to do whatever it takes to make what you choose to be, do and have a reality.

Be powerful today, my friend because that is just your nature.  Step up and step into it.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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