When all is said and done, will you stay the course?

When everything inside of you feels fidgety and anxious, will you simply take the next step to physically manifest your vision?

You see it.

It feels so close.

The door to a different life.

A life of ease, financial abundance, unconditional love and general bliss.

You see what is possible for you.

YOU know you can do this.

Well, you mostly know.

But there are these moments when you are so filled with doubt and fear and you wonder if you have what it takes.

You wonder if you are dreaming a silly dream that will never get anywhere.

And it overwhelms you.

You try to keep your head above water but you feel yourself sinking fast while paddling hard.

That is the battle.

Will you believe the lie?

It seems so true.

It seems so plausible.

Surely, if you could create that blissful existence that you glimpse, you would have done it by now – or so says the voice in your mind.

Why waste any more time doing this?

Give up now.

No one wants what you have.

No one cares what you have to say.

Your family is right – You are too much and way too full of yourself. You actually thought you could accomplish what none of them have?!!! Who died and made you so special.

The voice continues.

Sometimes gentle.

Sometimes harsh.

Always believable.


Well, I guess you would have to be, to keep doing this!!

And yet, within you is an inability to quit.

You are like a dog with a bone – You have caught the vision and there is no return. You would rather die, then quit.

You are like the person who found the pearl of great price, you are willing to sell EVERYTHING to get that pearl.

And in fact, you have sold everything – given up friends, family, anything that takes you off course.

And some days, it feels like it WILL kill you.

And this, my darling, is the final battle.

The fight for your freedom is won here on this battleground in your mind.

Will you hold to the vision, despite all kinds of evidence telling you to run back to safety?

Or will you stay on course, trusting the deeper voice within that assures you ‘IT IS DONE’?

What will it be?

I hope you see the battle through to its victorious conclusion.

You are more than capable of the win.

You are powerful enough to bring your vision to life.


Win the war within.

It is worth it!


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Much Amazing Love

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