You are spread too thin.

You think it makes you admirable.

And so you go through moments of clearing the decks and then, little by little, your days get chocka-block full of random non-things AGAIN.

You wonder why you are not moving forward?!

But you look with pride at the fact that at least, you are still standing, despite all the stuff you ‘have to’ contend with everyday.

But honey, who said you had to do ANY of that stuff?

Is it in any way linked to your actual vision, your actual purpose?

Or is it just a distraction to keep you from fully realising that you are not living to your true design, you are not happy and you are scared that you will never ever get ‘there’?

And yes, it is also a sign of your lack of trust in the Divine as your source of money and love.

And so, you sell yourself out every single day in relationships that drain you.

And in work that pays the bills but does not make you feel good and this can be a business or a job, mind you so just because you are in business, does not mean you are in the right business for you!

You tell yourself you HAVE TO DO IT.

What utter nonsense.

YOu choose to do it.

And why?

To fill you up.

Because you are empty inside, honey.

And you know it.

This life where you look as though you are successful and you look as though you are so busy and everyone thinks you have it together but you know that there is much more to you but you are too scared to really do what you want to do because you think you will end up alone and broke…

Well, it is leaving you empty inside.

And no amount of church meetings will fill that hole.

No amount of begging, pleading (you call it prayer), fasting will fill that hole.

No amount of being ‘busy’ in purpose-misaligned activities will fill that hole.

No amount of praise from anyone will fill that hole.

Not while you continue to deny your true design.


YOU ARE SPREAD TOO THIN and so, you are stagnant while looking dynamic to everyone, EXCEPT YOU!

Just because something seems like a good thing to do, does not mean it is the best thing FOR YOU to do.

Just because it seems like a ‘nice’ thing to do, does not mean you HAVE TO do it.

Pull back your attention from all these distractions, no matter how sacred they seem.

No one, nothing is more important than your true design life.


Let them all be yelling for your attention, you give your attention to YOUR TRUE DESIGN LIFE!

And you exit all the other things.


Did Jesus not even talk about giving up family, homes, everything for the cause?

Why do you think this does not apply to your life?

Though I have not read every spiritual guru out there, I imagine that all of them talk of giving up even the things most people would consider essential and sacred, if you do want to live life to the fullest.


FOCUS, honey.

FOCUS if you ever want to live the life you are called to.

Stop giving your attention to SO MANY THINGS, if you intend to win.

GET DELIBERATE about every single moment of your day.

MASTER YOUR INNER WORLD, my love because it is making you do all kinds of nonsensical things to keep the favour of people in your world and for money.

If you want greatness and true abundant FREEDOM-BASED money, you are going to have to place limits on what you pay attention to.

And yes, some peeps are not going to like it.

And they are going to tell you about it.

And you are going to have to stand strong.

Or allow them to steal your destiny because they supposedly love you and care for you or just think you owe them something or the other.


You better pay attention to where you are distributing your emotional & physical energy.

No one else is going to build an amazing life for you.

SO AWAKEN, my love.

Just because the world is telling you that you are doing ok, does not mean that you are.

You KNOW in your heart of hearts if you are living the right life for you.


Right now, I am enrolling for the next class of WIN THE WAR WITHIN and I am calling on those who know they are here to make a difference and a fortune doing ONLY what they love to do.  Come learn to master your inner world so that you can create a GREAT LIFE.

Give up mediocrity in this program.

RISE UP as the leader you are born to be.

And do remember that the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE is coming back for those spiritual entrepreneurs (new or existing) who know they are born for more than just a business in a box, they are here to disrupt industries, they are here to change lives in a big way and they are unapologetic about creating wealth IN ABUNDANCE while doing it.

Message me the word MILLIONAIRE to be one of the first to hear when it is open.

Much Amazing Love

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