Little by little, life has happened and it has eaten up your self-confidence.

Every time, someone mocked you, self-doubt grew.

Every time, someone told you off, self-doubt grew

Every mistake you made, self-doubt grew

Every broken relationship, self-doubt grew

Every argument or misunderstanding, self-doubt grew

Every job you did not get, self-doubt grew

Every time you could not afford something you wanted, self-doubt grew.

Every prayer that did not materialise in the way you had hoped, self-doubt grew.

Every loan or credit card you did not get, self-doubt grew

Every time you were overlooked for promotion, be it at home, in your religious organisation, volunteering or at work, self-doubt grew.

All the wonderful confidence you had in childhood eroded and replaced by a deep sense of doubt.

And you have learnt to live with it.  You do not even really notice it, much of the time.

The only thing is that you are not where you had hoped to be by now.

You feel stuck, trapped and powerless to change things though you keep pushing hard against what seem to be insurmountable odds.

And you end up staying in your zone of competence which is nowhere near your zone of genius.

You are good in your zone of competence but it is soul-destroying.

Every day that you say no to your true design vision (your zone of genius), self-doubt grows.

Again, you do not really notice what is happening.

You assume this is what adulting feels like and you keep trying to force yourself to be happy with settling for the crumbs of life.

You try hard to stop thinking that you can have more than this because then you might actually have to do something about it and you are not sure you have the confidence to try.


You desperately want it all

And you deep down suspect that you could maybe, possibly, have it all, if you would dare to get past all these fears and all this doubt.

Oh honey, true fulfilling prosperity is yours for the asking

But yes, you need to dissolve the doubt.

You need to question your doubts.

You need new more empowering beliefs that will support you in rebuilding that confidence and that is what THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY does for you. All you need to do is commit to listening to something out of the Library each day for about 20 minutes.

That’s all.

It is so simple that most will write it off and keep looking for the hard, complicated thing that their lack of confidence will not allow them to do and they will be in this same position next year, wishing, wanting, pushing down, settling.

Surely, you are done with living that half-life.

Come into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY. Start your immersion today.

In MONTH 1 – We handle your money mindset with the OPULENCE BOOTCAMP – Expect to generate $1k in unexpected income so that you begin to see how magnetic you can be to money when you clear the internal obstacles to your focus.


In MONTH 2 – We handle your relationship with the Divine with EASY SUCCESS BOOTCAMP – Dump the limiting beliefs about the Divine that keep you from partnering wholeheartedly with your instant, constant, unlimited and ONLY SOURCE of supply.  If you are done with all the hard work to get hardly anywhere then open up to EASY SUCCESS as you open up to your TRUE SOURCE.  This is not religious.  This is pragmatic.


In MONTH 3 – We handle relationship dramas with the THRIVING BOOTCAMP – Get past relationship breakups, breakdowns and shifts by rediscovering the truth of YOU.  REalign your male and female energies so that you are able to attract more empowering external relationships that match your empowered internal relationship with yourself.


In MONTH 4 – We handle your health with the SLIM SEXY STRONG HEALTHY Bootcamp – If your body ain’t working then it is all over, my love so lets get you energized, vibrant and healthy as you go through this straightforward pathway to health and physical wholeness.


In MONTH 5 – Get that divinely inspired online business off the ground with WORK LESS, MAKE MORE Bootcamp – Now that the foundations are in place, learn EVERYTHING you need to know about taking what is in you and putting it into the marketplace to positively impact human lives while creating a great profit for you.


In MONTH 6 – 7 – Think Rich, Act Rich, Get Rich with BRAIN TRAINING FOR DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES BOOTCAMP Continue the money mindset & mind retraining work to ensure there are no more obstacles to receiving financial abundance


In MONTH 8 – 9 – Take a spiritual journey to wholeness, peace, prosperity and fulfilment with the TRANSITION program – Get connected, clear on your vision, healed of any holdbacks and be empowered to act boldly as you transition to the life you KNOW you are born for.


In MONTH 10 – You will change what you are getting out of life by changing who you are BEing in THE QUANTUM LEAP. Expect to dump the 4 most potent negative emotions that keep you from your highest good.


In MONTH 11 – You will remember who you are in the Unstoppable Confidence Bootcamp. The self-doubt will be dropped and you will elevate your physical reality as you open up to new opportunities for wealth and success as you go through this bootcamp.


In MONTH 12 – Complete the work in The Overflowing Love Bootcamp – You will breakthrough to lavish levels of prosperity in all areas of life as you resolve the loose ends in your life and melt away the emotional and mental blocks to your highest and best.

You deserve to prosper and the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will support you in reclaiming your divine right.

Your time is now.  The Divine is ready to back you up as you make yourself available for every good thing.

Go over to and read the page, listen to the free call on top, immerse yourself in the words and as you feel the YES in your spirit, join immediately and begin your immersion experience.

Again, all you need to do is use the bootcamps as they are delivered to your email inbox, 5 days on, 2 days off AND listen to something within the vast array of programs in the Library for just 20 minutes a day.  It will probably take you about 30 minutes in total each day.

Your best life is surely worth that.

Go now and begin at from just $9.97 / £7.50

Much Amazing Love

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