You are in the driver’s seat.

Always you are

You determine how your life plays out

Always you do

I was brought up to think that the Divine would override me and take over the reins of my life

But that is not how He works

And that can be a source of frustration if you are not quite ready to be responsible for everything

And I was not quite ready for a long time

I had a victim story to maintain!!!

I was addicted to the struggle of it all…

And I needed someone to blame for anything that went wrong…

The Divine was that outer being whose will it was for me to struggle!!!

And of course, I told myself that I had no choice

And so I wandered through my life, waiting, waiting, waiting

I would never have admitted it then, of course!

I did not know then what I know now

Which is that I get what I expect


My life is something I am creating and the Divine will support me in creating what I think I am.

If I see myself as a subservient lack-filled person who always has to work harder than most, jump through many many hoops to get anything and still only get a shadow of what I say I want…

Then that is EXACTLY what I get.

So, I started to choose differently…

I started to see myself differently…

I started to take responsibility…

I stopped being so passive…

I actually started to apply those faith principles I had been learning since birth in a more DELIBERATE fashion

I got support from coaches, mentors to pull me up when I fell back into victim thinking (sometimes, you do not even know you are doing it because you are so used to thinking that way!)

Life started to open up

I continue to grow and change

Life looks great

When I work with clients, I am firstly trying to understand their self-concept

Who do they see themselves as?

It is fairly apparent from the life and the stories they tell me, but I gotta help them see it too

Most want to go straight for the tips, tricks, strategies

They are scared of running out of time

But I am firm

And refuse to be swayed from the inner work because without it, tips, tricks, strategies are a temporary blip that lead nowhere great.  Usually, peeps will stop being consistent if they are trying to do things that do not match their self-concept.

And so, We dive deep.

We start unpicking the foundations

Build new ones in

Allow the true self to shine through

We reinvent their lives

And prosperity follows

As night follows day

Prosperity will come to those who feel they are prosperous.

And I support clients in feeling this

Belief by belief

Thought by thought

Partnered with aligned action

And life changes

Are you ready to reinvent your life?

Because you are getting what you are telling the Divine you desire

I know what you think you are praying for

But the deep down thought that is actually being listened to by the Divine may not match your words.

In fact, it does not, if your life right now is not what you want it to be

The Divine responds ONLY to who you think you are

Change your self-concept

Change who you are being

And you will change what you are creating

You are in the Driver’s seat

Let’s do this together

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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