Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a wealthy life, simply because you think it makes you more spiritual.

It doesn’t.

Allow yourself to prosper while also going deeper with the Divine.

The Divine does not need your sacrifice, and the process of opening up to TRUE DESIGN wealth is a SPIRITUAL GROWTH path.

The point seems to me to be that you are becoming more like the Divine as you grow, becoming more aware of your own divinity, becoming more aware of your power to create just like the Divine.

And if that is true then tell me, do you really believe the Divine knows lack in any area of his/her existence?

So why on earth/heaven/hell would it make you more spiritual to deliberately choose lack and scarcity? OR even to passively allow it to be your experience while you tell yourself stories of how unmotivated you are by money (while at the same time, desperately doing any old job just to get the money in!)

AWAKEN, my love. AWAKEN.

You are called to be light in this world. Question your entrenched patterns of thinking. Discard ideas that cloak you in desperation and force you to do whatever you can to ‘get by’.

You are born for more than that, my love.

But you are the only one that can CHOOSE it.


PS – This applies to any area of life where you are deliberately choosing to sacrifice, in the name of spirituality. Be it an intimate relationship, fulfilling work you adore or whatever. The Divine does not need your sacrifice. AWAKEN

I invite you to open your mind, shake your old patterns and break through to a whole new level of prosperity.

It takes guts to do this work.

Most people want to complain about things not working out while doing absolutely nothing different.

Others know-it-all and have all the answers that are NOT working for them but they hold on SO TIGHT and continually fight for their limitations.

You can choose to break through to your next level.

The ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is here to support you in doing EXACTLY that.

Leave behind the limiting stories of the past

Rise victorious in your true design.

Much Amazing Love

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