Why is it so easy to believe that we are being tested, or punished?

Why does it feel hard to let life be easy?

And you may not even realise that these are things that you simply accept as truth, without ever questioning it.

What if you truly deeply knew that you were being loved all the time?

What difference would that make to your life?

Take a moment to think about it.

Can you imagine feeling loved all the time?

Is that an experience you have ever had?

It can be difficult to picture and feel something that does not seem to match up to your life experience to date.

However, if you do want to experience increased prosperity in every area of life, I suggest you take the time to consider this.

If you live in a hostile world with a hostile higher power that has it in for you, then life will feel like one battle after the other.

Sound familiar? Does that sound like the life you seem to be experiencing at the moment?

This no longer needs to be your truth but it will demand that you are willing to perceive life a different way, a more loving way.

It will lead to increased prosperity.

A deeper sense of fulfilment.

A loosening of the hold painful patterns have on you.

Energizing Joy within.

Mental calm and inner peace.

Supercharge your finances.

Work that feels like play as you do the things that you enjoy.

Remember this – YOU ARE BEING LOVED ALL OF THE TIME, my love.

I invite you to come work with me to begin experiencing this as your norm.

Let me introduce you to a love that goes beyond what you have ever experienced as you develop a deeper connection with the Divine.

It is out of this connection that all good things flow.



Much Amazing Love

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