I became a pharmacist because I was certain and sure of it.

It may not have been the thing I truly wanted to do but because I trusted that others knew better than I did, what was good for me, I confidently moved forward towards it and achieved it, regardless of the many trials along the way.

It was not so predictable when I dabbled at business.

For goodness’ sake, every time I mentioned to family that I wanted to be a business person, they laughed at me.

I was the book girl.

The studious, somewhat rebellious one.

No one thought I could build a business.

I certainly agreed with them, unfortunately

And so, though I wanted to be profitable business owner, my focus was all over the place.

I was full of doubt and fear.

I was so uncertain.

I kept wanting someone, something to affirm me

And so, I continually got what I was certain about – It is better to stay a pharmacist as you will never succeed at business.

Until I hit rockbottom.

And I got so freaking tired of living the wrong life for me.

I stopped listening to the same-old record playing in my mind.

I gradually changed what I immersed my mind in.

I gradually got more and more certain and sure of myself & my true design desires.

Finally, the Divine was able to back me up because I BACKED MY OWN SELF UP.

It took a million little decisions made millions of times a day.

Sometimes, I fell off the wagon and returned to focusing on the unwanted thing because it seemed more sure, more certain

I would allow fear & doubt to take me off course.

But I got better and better and better at remaining, as I like to call it, ON MY THRONE.

My throne is a place within myself, where I am high above the noise, drama and nonsense of everyday life.  I am connected intimately to the Divine, as in, there is no separation between us – We are one and the same.  I feel Divine power flowing through me and I see CLEARLY exactly what I am creating.

Like the Queen I am, I make my decrees and I see everything shift and change to accomodate my desires.

There is no other option.

You have a throne.

You can get on it at anytime.

The thing is, like I used to do, you are busily occupying yourself in other people’s territories because you have been conditioned to believe that that is as good as it will ever get for you.

But there is a deep longing in your heart to return home to YOUR OWN THRONE.

AWAKEN, my love.

Even as you CERTAINLY created this life you do not love, far from your true home, you also have the power and ability to create the prosperous life you do love.



Believe in yourself again.

Return home to peace and plenty, my love.

You are wandering around in the wilderness, right now.

You feel it. You know it.  YOu are not HOME in your TRUE DESIGN.  You are building other people’s territories and ignoring yours.

And why?

It seems reasonable, logical, practical and a sure thing.

And I guess it is a sure thing – A SURE HATED THING.

You are meant to thrive and prosper and you will NEVER do it in the wrong territory, my love.


And though the wrong territory seems so sure and certain (even if it feels so bad), KNOW THIS: you can cultivate assuredness and certainty in yourself and your own territory, if you are willing.


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Much Amazing Love

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