The Distracting Squeals of Children – You Can Make Anything A Reason Not To Be Successful


Being a mum in business can be pretty darned annoying at time.

Most people when they go to work, they do not have to listen to the squeals of children as they bounce on the trampoline, which is exactly what I am doing right now.

I am just waiting for that bang on the door as the neighbours come calling to tell me to make my kids be quiet.

So far… so good – no disgruntled neighbours.

On the flip side, most adult people do not have to jump up every other 5 minutes because they have not heard the children yell for 4 minutes 59 seconds. They do not have to wonder what havoc is being played out in some quiet corner of the house…

Nope, most regular people do not have to deal with all of this.

They go to work and they get to work until they are fed up of working. They maybe, have a chat with an adult or two while enjoying being a grown up, doing work in a grown up way…

Though to speak to some of these grown up adult workers, you would think they have it pretty darned hard.

They complain about having no time!

And I can only roll my eyes in disgust!

They complain about being tired!

And again, I roll my eyes in disgust!


They complain about having no money!

But then they stay put in a job that they don’t like that pays them peanuts and sucks the life out of them and then they complain about the fact that they hate their boss but have to pay the mortgage. They say they are just not the entrepreneurial type.

And frankly, it is all I can do not to whack them upside the head.

Because the truth is, I look back at all the time I wasted, literally WASTED when I was a childless, grown up, adult worker.

I had SOOOOO much time and yet, I did not realize it.

My money was mine to do what I wanted with it and again, I did not realize it.

I got the choice about how much sleep I got and I could have stayed up all night if I wanted!

I could have learnt all the ways of growing my own business at that point without all the distraction of squealing children!!!

At that point, I had time and I had money that belonged to me…

I could go to the loo with the door closed and not worry about a beautiful princess coming in and yelling about something some other princess has done to her.

I was so FREE and I did not know it.

I could decide I wanted to go to a conference and learn all the new ways of driving traffic to my website without thinking for one second about who would look after the kids…

But did I?


I could have gone on a laptop lifestyle trip around the world without the added drama of an 8 year old, a 6 year old, a 4 year old cramping my style…

But did I?


Like most of the other moaning, groaning, grown up, childless, adult workers, I moaned and groaned about this and that and watched my life fly away from me while I refused to see the time, the freedom, the money I had.

It took having kids to show me that I could actually do whatever I wanted to do whatever the circumstances!

How long will you allow your crazy story be the reason you do not get off your bum and get to work?

You can stand around moaning and groaning about the lack of time, money, freedom, energy etc etc or you could just make a decision to start right now to create the life, the business you actually want.

Will you?

Or will you wait and keep blaming external circumstances for your inability to get your act together and do something you are proud of with your life.

If you are anything like I was, you KNOW, you ABSOLUTELY KNOW that there is something more you could be doing with your life and you talk about it, you might even sing about it…

You can feel the purpose in your breast as you think and dream about it…

And yet, in the cold light of day, you do nothing!

And parents, if you think you are exempt from this, then KNOW THIS, you are not.

Every day, time keeps passing you by and you keep blaming the kids, the job, other people, blah, blah, blah for holding you back from making the difference you know you are called to make…

And you know what? You can do that if you like!

It is, after all, your life!

Make it a life of excuses if you like!

I cannot change you…

But maybe, just maybe, I can wake you up.

I can make you feel uncomfortable for a second.

I can make you remember who you really are…

And then maybe, you will stop with the excuses, you will stop with the blaming and you will take responsibility and WAKE UP!

Do you understand that the world is waiting for you to WAKE UP!

WAKE UP from your self-imposed slumber…

Stop getting distracted…

No one asks you to set off at a sprint, Crawl if you have to but do something to take you in the direction of your goals.


Yes, you may live with the distracting squeals of children or maybe, you live in a childless adult world – Whatever your lot, you can make excuses or you can make a difference.

What will it be?

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