The Deliberate Millionaire is deeply connected to their Source

The Deliberate Millionaire is a clear channel for God to flow through

This is not a passive surrender to some outside force that will punish us if we don’t

No, the Deliberate Millionaire no longer buys into such controlling religious nonsense

The Deliberate Millionaire is motivated by love & a passion for creating and experiencing life in all its abundance

The Deliberate Millionaire loves to create

The Deliberate Millionaire is enamoured with their power to create whatever they want and they spend time refining & perfecting this skill

the Deliberate Millionaire is playful, peaceful, purposeful and prosperous

Whatever they touch turns to gold

This does not always happen immediately but they are never distracted from their goal by the appearance of the physical reality because they know who has the authority…

The Deliberate Millionaire no longer lives from their personality self because they finally realise just how limited that is

Their personality self was created in reaction to the painful events of the past and its decisions are usually based on past experience

The Deliberate Millionaire sees now that this is too limiting so they surrender to their God self

Their God self is aware of all that is, all that was and all that will ever be

Their God self is limitless in wisdom and knowledge

Their God self has the right answer to every question

Their God self has a clear vision of what the Deliberate Millionaire longs to create

And so, the Deliberate Millionaire surrenders to their God self

It takes a bit of a transformational journey to get to this place of surrender

They are so used to reacting with their personality self

But there is a deep cry within their heart for the MORE that they know is possible for them

The Deliberate Millionaire is so freaking tired of the limited life.

And so, some Deliberate Millionaires choose to say YES to their vision of a spiritual business that allows them full self-expression, allows them to change lives and make a difference, allows them to make lots and LOTS of money…

These specific Deliberate Millionaires choose business as their spiritual growth vehicle

It is to these Deliberate Millionaires that I currently speak

Come into the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track membership

You are called to the path back home to your God self

You have lived too long as your personality and it is pretty darned painful!

You have tried to build business from your personality self and it could only go so far

You have tried to live an expansive life and even go deeper into the Divine as your personality self and it has not worked

It is time to get on path


I have a curriculum for you

Now is the time to begin your transformational journey to throw off the personality self and become your peaceful, purposeful, playful, prosperous self.

It contains all the strategy you need to build a 6 figure business (or even more)

And it contains all the inner work stuff you need to return home to your God self


The doors are wide open

You feel the Divine within you guiding you this way

Stop allowing your personality self to set the tone of your life

You have done that for too long and all it knows to create is more pain

For a moment here, let go and say yes to your God self.

Go now to and join in.

There is no more time to live life as the wrong person.

Let’s go.


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