Get It Done Already Business LaunchJoin Me . . .And I Will Personally Guide You To
Set Up Your Whole Business – All The Online Stuff, All The Sales & Marketing Stuff – Within Two Days (Even If You Have Never Done It Before!)


Have you ever wanted to spend a day with a business & personal growth expert completely focused on building your business? Would you like to go home that very evening, knowing your whole business is set up – Sales Funnels, Offline & Online Marketing strategy, Website, Social Media Pages, Auto-responders, Customer Attraction Message, Everything!

Guess What?! You can absolutely do that!

Business Launch, Warrior DayAnd when you join me on the 27th-28th November, 2015 for

The Deliberate Millionaire’s ‘Get It Done Already’ Business Launch Day,

  • You will return home inspired, motivated
  • You WILL have a complete business from start to finish,
  • You will KNOW your strategy for accelerated profits
  • You will have a complete lead generation funnel up and running so that you can attract buying customers easily.
  • You will have already started to collect prospects for your mailing list – All the experts say, the money is in the list so let’s get you doing it right now
  • AND you will be all set up for making sales easily with less work by you.

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Hello Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional or Professional Transitioning into your own business,

  • Are you struggling because you kinda know what you need to do but you just don’t know how to actually get it done?

  • Are you frustrated because you keep planning what you will do, but you are not actually doing it because it seems overwhelming and nerve-wracking?

  • Are you fed up of thinking about setting up the online part of your business but the technical stuff seems to be beyond you?

  • Are you so busy doing the every day stuff of your business/life that some of the marketing stuff is being left to chance? You kinda know you need to do it but it all seems too much so you hold off on taking action and keep doing things the only way you know how.

  • Are you ready to get stuck in, and to get it done already?


Imagine, no more waiting for a web designer. No more waiting for perfection, no more doubting yourself, none of that!

Start exploding your income & fight for the life and business you want, beginning on the 27th November, 10am.

Don’t delay, claim a spot for yourself by clicking the button below.

Spend the day with me and a few other leaders like you at

The Deliberate Millionaire’s ‘Get It Done Already’ Business Launch Day!

and this is what you will get…


46f73d14aa5644bf93f5a5eefc1a9924During this 2 day event, you will

  • – Get clear on who your people are, so you are not wasting your marketing money chasing after people who are not great for you

  • – Put together a straightforward, simple to follow, step by step sales & marketing plan that you can do again and again to create more of an income fast with your business.

  • – Learn how to set up a website that actually does something rather than just one that looks pretty. By the end of the day, you will have one up and running doing what you want it to do – exploding your income.

  • – Learn how to stop depending on any one source to generate traffic to your site and attract the right people into your world.

  • – Identify the profit opportunities in your market that will enable you to accelerate the growth of your business, whatever stage of business you are in.

  • – Leave the Deliberate Millionaire Event knowing how to do this over and over again and attract more customers, more money, more freedom into your life.

  • – Create the time and space to just get on with creating the business you want to have with support from a business coach, who has been accelerating the growth of her and her client’s businesses for a pretty good while now.

  • – Position yourself as different from all the rest out there so that you become the leader and key person of influence that your people want to buy from without batting an eyelid.

  • – Craft your ‘What do you do?’ answer powerfully so that again, you are considered a leader from the start and you become memorable.

  • – Set up your social media presence and start attracting followers who are interested in what you have to offer.


This event is for you, if you are fed up with not knowing how to do things, and you are ready to learn as I show you exactly how to do it. I will even do a lot of it for you. This day is for people who are ready to lunge into action and crazily make stuff happen.


This event is going to be full – on from start to finish as you will leave having generated leads of your own on your own website. You will leave knowing exactly what to do offline & online to generate even more leads and you will know exactly how to turn those leads into buyers immediately.

Some of you may even experience the joy of making some money right there on the day!

How cool would that be?

Sometimes, it seems so overwhelming to implement all the things you know you want to, you may lack the know-how or even the want-to but as long as you are willing to put the effort in on that day, then I can help you set it all up right there and then.

Just so you know… If you are one of those types that has always done things one way and you are determined to keep doing business that way, and you do not want to be stretched, then this day is NOT for you.

TLOW copyYou must be willing to give up excuses, pick up your inner weapons like the warrior that you are and create the amazing life and business you know you are more than capable of.

You must be fed up of dabbling and playing at business and be willing to do the stuff that sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable.

You must be willing to keep up with the pace of the event. There will be stuff to do overnight to keep the ball rollingon the Saturday. I intend for it to be full on as we have a lot to do but hey, the results will be sooooo worth it.

You must already have a business or at the very least, have a business idea you are ready to run with immediately.

You must be fed up of regret & looking back and wishing you had started before and be ready to keep your eyes on the prize even if the day challenges you to your core.

Somewhere inside of you, you feel like a warrior – and you are ready to get stuck in, to pick up your samurai sword and start fighting past all the barriers (internal and external) to create the amazing life and business that you know is absolutely your birthright!

Let me introduce myself…

I am Rosemary Nonny Knight, International Entrepreneur Mentor Coach to business owners and professionals who are ready to create something big in their world and beyond.

I support people in fighting for the life & business they want because I am a warrior through and through and I am determined to help fellow warriors get the results they want.

I got fed up doing the stuff that did not make me happy and so, after a lot of drama, bankruptcy, children etc, I decided to stop just talking and to start getting on with creating the life and business that I want.

Once upon a time, I was a pharmacist – Going to work each day & handing out those pills was driving me insane. I knew I was created to do so much more and the only part of the job that I really, truly loved was when I got to sit down with the patients and help them figure out how to be healthier. However, that was a very small part of the job and I got fed up of doing all the other things.

I knew I wanted to do my own thing but I was far too comfortable so I dabbled and gave up far too quickly and I believed the lie that I had to settle and just do what I was trained to do, even though inside of me knew I could do a whole lot more.

It took bankruptcy and having my princesses to wake me up to the fact that I could get on with creating a life & business I actually wanted.

Very quickly, I went into property investment and built up a successful property management company which replaced my full time pharmacy income and gradually, I reduced my hours at work until one day, I just stopped!


You can do this too.

You can build a side hustle that goes on to replace completely your full time income and beyond. Whether you are a professional transitioning into your own thing or an old hand at business ( network marketing included), this Warrior day is for you!

So, to recap:

  • It is going to take place on the 27th & 28th November, 2015
  • Start Time: 10am Finish Time: 6pm at the latest on each day
  • Venue: Birmingham, West Midlands (Address will be supplied closer to the day)
  • With everything we are going to get done, I am limiting the numbers to 10 attendees – (I want to be sure you all leave with everything set up and done)

Come With Your Laptop, Invest in yourself and your business and take part on this rapid start event for only ______ (Get in touch to find out – I am still deciding)

Warrior Day, Business Launch, Get It Done AlreadyI had a business coaching session with Rosemary and found her incredibly helpful. Perspicacious, motivating and inspiring, Rosemary would be brilliant support for anyone looking for a helping hand to move forward in their business and personal life. Highly recommended.

Keren, Creative Infusion Ltd

What an interesting lady! Rosemary has such drive and enthusiasm that it’s infectious! Having met Rosemary many times over the last few months through business networking meetings, I took the opportunity of having an introductory coaching session with her….Rosemary’s own career history and personal experiences are really testament to focussing on the outcomes you want to achieve and overcoming any barriers that get in your way! She believes that ‘if you do what you have always done, then you are sure to get what you have always got!’ and therefore poses the questions which we deliberately don’t ask ourselves (because we find it too difficult!) She has given me plenty of food for thought and I would recommend taking the opportunity of a 1-2-1 with her.

Natasha, Legal Legacies

I have known Rosemary for a little while now and each time I meet her I am impressed with her in depth knowledge. Her passion and genuine concern for you and your concerns – shines through. She manages to relax you, reassure you and is devasting with her insight. So if you are looking for a coach or mentor – talk to Rosemary.

Edwina, Linked In Coach

Rosemary is very enthusiastic, motivational and has a wide range of tools, techniques and strategies to offer. She has helped me to improve both my confidence and my work/life balance with a very varied range of techniques. As a busy entrepreneur, running the daily activities of my business is a full-time undertaking. There is little time available to focus on growth and development – key components of a successful business. I realised I needed help when my lists were getting longer and most of my work time was spent feeling overwhelmed. When I joined Rosemary’s coaching programme, Rosemary instantly understood what I was going through. She is very perceptive and able to identify the kind of person I am, what drives me forward and how I learn best. She was very good at helping me to see the benefits of a better life/work balance and gave me the tools to make the necessary changes. She invited me to try out a number of exercises, both practical and mental, which I found to be really useful and effective. I came away from my sessions with Rosemary feeling energised and focussed and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation to my own.

Raj, Choice Lets

Business launch, Warrior DayThe coaching sessions I have had with Rosemary have been fantastic; I’ve been really impressed with how practically helpful the sessions have been as well as keeping me motivated in moving towards my goal. If you are looking to start a new venture or perhaps you find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut with your business I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Rosemary!

Donna, Cannock Chase Council

Working with coach Rosemary I have truly become a Wealthy Warrior. I have always struggled talking money and asking for pay increases. Rosemary has taught me how to get what I deserve. Through her coaching I was able to get over a $20k increase in salary. Thanks to her work I continue to conquer each day as a Wealthy Warrior!

Elizabeth, Fathom Delivers

Implement Your Ideas, Start Attracting Buyers, Explode Your Income, Make it all happen on The Warrior’s ‘Get It Done Already’ Business Launch Day