Self-doubt can be so subtle…

Pulling your strings from the dark recesses of your mind…

Keeping you playing small

Keeping you pulling back when you need to charge forward

Telling you stories of how you are not quite good enough to do what you desire to do

Do you even notice its subtle ways?

In some areas of your life, you are confident, sure of yourself and those areas feel easy

And comfortable

And so, self doubt whispers that you could just keep doing those more comfortable things and forget about the purpose-driven things…

Forget about your dreams of building a life that feels fulfilling and free as you do your TRUE DESIGN work

That is a pipe dream, self doubt says…

And it seems sensible…

So reasonable!

Of course, now that you have indulged self-doubt, other voices have also come to play too…

You gotta stick with your obvious strengths, right?!

If it ain’t broke, why are you trying to fix it?

You gotta pay bills, right?!

So you had better not jeopardize that!

Gotta maintain the status quo, you have people looking up to you, right?!

You worked too hard and paid too much to get here to this life that feels empty and pointless, to shake it all up, right?!

And your partner does not want you to do it and you cannot do it without his/her support, right?!

You can just do a little bit of those things you dream about, here and there, right?!

After all, if you do too much then you will get anxious & burnt out like you did 2 years ago, right?!

You are not selling out – Look at you, you are trying…

You are doing your little bit when you have time, but you have to be sensible, right?!

And anyway, if the Divine wanted you to live out your TRUE DESIGN life, another prophet would have come to give you ANOTHER sign and all the doors would be open, right?!

So, maybe it is just your pride telling you that you are called to serve all those people, right?!

And you should just humble yourself and do what is right in front of you to do while waiting for the perfect moment to arrive when you can FINALLY live out your true design, right?!

And before you know it, you are back stuck on the hamster wheel, doing the same old, same old stuff and living the same old, same old life that bores and deadens you.

But hey, everyone around you is happy

They think you got it made.

So what, that every day you wake up with a cloud around your head and you have this low-level sadness following you round all day…

Self-doubt has won another victim.

And the world has lost another spirit-driven leader.


You are more powerful than this…





Bringer of the New

Light in the Darkness

New Breed Leader

There is a message in your heart that must be heard

It will change lives

It will make a difference

It is the only way for you to experience freedom, fulfilment and financial ABUNDANCE (more than enough)

The journey can seem scary, yes…

It will challenge you, ABSOLUTELY

People around you will wonder if you are crazy and too full of yourself…

And yet, it is the journey you signed up for…

It is your rite of passage and nothing else will ever satisfy


You do not have to do it alone

Come work with me

My clients prosper in their TRUE DESIGN path…

I myself know what it takes to move from a pharmacist career that was draining me to a purpose-driven business that fulfils me

Like I did, my clients make the transition into a life based on their TRUE DESIGN

They also figure out how to monetize it successfully and more than replace their income, just like I did.

Are you ready to go all the way in?

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Much Amazing Love

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