It is so normal to settle

To give up on any dreams of a better life

To be content with whatever you get

It is called being responsible

It is called being realistic

It is called being an adult

The fervour of youth is replaced by the passivity of maturity

You are supposed to gently fade away like many dreamers before you

Discover the harshness of life, learn to live with disappointment, sacrifice your joy, your happiness, your whole AWESOME SELF to bring up your children, then stoically realise that this is just the way life goes

Then maybe find spirituality or religion if you are weak and trying to find a way out of the pain of regret and disappointment

Or just drink a little more, eat a little more, get slower, wider, tired-er, sadder but never admit to any of it as you accept without complaint that your life is over and you will soon enough die

It is depressing, right?!

And yet, most people accept that this is just the way it is

YOU ARE NOT MOST PEOPLE and you do not need to live like them

I don’t care what age you are

I don’t care how burdened you feel with all your responsibilities

I don’t care how tired you sometimes feel

I don’t care how many mistakes you have made in the quest for more

I don’t care how much time or money you have ‘wasted’ in the pursuit of your visions and dreams

I don’t care if everyone around you seems to think that you should just settle down and stop dreaming of more

I don’t care how many times they may even have told you that you are too much and an embarrassment & a burden because of your persistence

I don’t care how many times they have looked at you like you are so weak and silly for believing that you can be more, do more, HAVE MORE


You are YOU!

With your big dreams

With your big hopes.

With your BIG calling

with your BIG VISION!

And with an undying, BURNING DESIRE TO LIVE, to really truly LIVE, to experience all that this world has to offer, to leave your mark on the planet, to transform many many lives, to die AFTER you have accomplished every single thing in your heart to do and NOT ONE MOMENT BEFORE!

Yes, we are crazy when compared to most people around us

YES, they may even think that we are deluded but who the heck cares what ‘they’ think

YOu have seen something magnificent within you

You have felt something BIGGER THAN BIG and you can no longer deny it

You can not force yourself to be less than who you are

So stop, just stop denying your ambitions

Stop allowing previous disappointments to determine what your next move will be

You have the power of God within you – USE IT TO ELEVATE YOURSELF

You are powerful enough to bring your vision to life

Everything that has happened to date has just given you all the tools and resources you need to MOVE FORWARD, to fulfil your ambitions

This is not the time to quit and lick your wounds

This is the time to see your vision ever more clearly and take a joyous step forward in its direction

Now is the time to stir up your faith and to trust yourself to have what it takes

Stop looking to the physical reality to inform you – YOU ARE CREATOR

You are wayshower

You are messenger of light

You. are. life. bringer

You are. You are. YOU ARE!

And as you choose to LIVE, you remind others of what is possible when they wake up to their full potential.

Yes, you made mistakes – SO WHAT?!

Yes, you took the scenic route – SO WHAT?!

This is your life


So forget what anyone else thinks and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

They can come for the ride or they can get off and fade away into a dissatisfied death


You are life bringer, my love – LIFE BRINGER – first to yourself and then that life within you starts to radiate out from you to all those around.  Some will like it, some will feel uncomfortable and try to take you down a peg or 3 – IGNORE THEM ALL and choose YOU.

Dare to keep taking the next step

There is always something you can do, even when it feels like all hope is lost


You are just getting started and a whole new door will open if you will just keep pushing on doors, seeing opportunities, acting on them DESPITE any fears.

You are breaking through and I did tell you that it would be challenging but we all think that it will be easier for us

Do not give up now.

You did not come this way to just come this far

Keep stepping

Learn what needs to be learned


Create your vision

Success is inevitable to the one that refuses to give in

There are not that many of us so stop looking to those around you for guidance – Most already gave up

You will find people like you if you will stay on your purpose path

Don’t stay scared if some things, some people exit your life

You and the Divine are enough

Relax in that knowing and focus forward

Keep taking the next obvious step with your mind and heart focused firmly on your vision

You are breaking through

You are manifesting the desires of your heart

You are creating the reality you desire

And all things are being made new (which does mean old things are going away)


Hold firm.

You got this.

And before you go, if you are truly that ambitious spiritual person determined to thrive, prosper and make at least 6 figures while living in your purpose, get a copy of my book SPIRIT SPEAKS – 15 Divine Downloads to find yoru purpose and a step-by-step plan to earn with ease while living in it.  Comment or message me the word SS to get the link.

Much Amazing Love


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