The Daily Grind Can Take You Away From Your Fortune & Your Calling – Will You Let It?

The Daily Grind Can Take You Away From Your Fortune & Your Calling - Will You Let It?There are days when you wake up and things are just not going according to plan.

The car breaks down…

The Childminder is trying to cancel on you…

You have appointments that you cannot take the children to…

And you are trying to have a quiet moment to get your head in gear but you feel you must tackle all these urgent things immediately.

And maybe it is stuff you do have to do.

But really, if you let it, your whole life could become a mass of must-do, urgent-right-now tasks.  Then the IMPORTANT things get trampled on in the urgency of the now.

And then you start to wonder why life never seems to progress for you.

You shake your fist at the heavens for making your life a mass of trial, tribulation and drama. Why can things just never go to plan?

BUT… How much of that is you?

How much of that is you allowing other people’s agendas to affect yours?

Just because it is urgent to someone else does not make it urgent to you. And frankly, if you did not engage in all that ‘urgent’ stuff, would it get done without you?

Be honest now…

Are you addicted to the stress?

Does it make you feel alive to be juggling this, that and the other thing?

You complain about it but in actual fact, you seem to enjoy all the drama because everytime I speak to you, there is one drama or the other, there is one sickness or the other, there is ALWAYS something happening and it does make me wonder if you just like living like that.

I know, I know, you do not think about it like that, do you?

You feel put upon, don’t you?

But you could always say ‘NO’, you know?

You do not always have to give in to the crazy that people want to drag you into.

I know, you think it is not that simple. You think that unless you get involved in all the nonsense then nothing will happen but is that the truth, really?

Are you just enabling people to depend on you because it gives you a sense of worth? Your whole life has been based around ‘serving’ others or so you tell yourself but the resentment keeps building up and up. You know your time is being taken in all kinds of directions except for where you want it to go and yet you keep playing these games.

And do you know who you are playing with?

You are playing with you. You are messing around with your own time. And your time is running out.

And you do know it.

You do know that you n o longer feel that great about ‘serving’ people in this way. It feels dissatisfying. It feels like you are not getting anywhere. It feels wrong but you are so entangled in the lives of people around you, you do not know how to extricate yourself without causing a whole lot of upset.

And so, you think you are stuck.

But let’s go even deeper here, what are you really trying to avoid?

While your life is so full of activity and drama and chaos, you can hide from the truth of this answer to this question.

You can use all the chaos as an excuse not to look inside you…

Because really, you are afraid that there is nothing there. You are afraid that really, this is all that life is about and if you face up to that feeling, you will head fast into a deep, dark, depression. You are worried that there really is nothing more to you than what other people define you as.

And you are scared to look any deeper than that, in case you find out it is true.

IN the meantime, your purpose, your calling is left waiting for you to do the work to discover it.

Your body keeps trying to hint at you by sending one illness or the other…

You feel trapped but you feel you cannot escape it…

You are moaning and complaining but doing nothing to rectify it…

And ultimately, honey, it is a waste of a good life.

A waste of all that potential that you hide away behind the activity, the urgency, the moaning…

And YOU KNOW that this is not all you are capable of, is it?

But it is your choice.

It is your choice to stay stuck here.

Make no mistake about it, this is not happening to you…

Oh NO! You are choosing this.

You are making this your way of life by choice.

Because you refuse to see if there is another way, because you are afraid to see that there IS another way, you are condemning yourself to this completely unsatisfactory way.

Such a loss and a pity.

Who knows what lives you could have changed by waking up to your true potential?

Who knows what legacy you could have created by stepping up and fighting your way out of all the nonsense?

It could be awesome.

The real you stepping p and OWNING your power could be pretty amazing.

Why not let it happen?

Why not fight for, create the life and the business you want?

Why not, friend?

What if it is all you deep down imagine it could be?

What if you just redirected all your hard work towards something that could bring you pleasure? What if you could get the life you dream of?

What if you could be happy being you and doing only what suits you?

What if you could truly SERVE more people by knowing who you are, what you want and doing the work to make it happen?

What if you could make a huge difference and a massive fortune by getting past all the urgent stuff and starting on the important work? The work you were born to do.

What could life be like then?

How fulfilled could you then be?

Go on, imagine that.

And then get into action.

Find the courage to stop getting dragged into other people’s agendas…

Find the courage to stop allowing others to determine the course of your life…

Find the courage to believe enough in you…

Find the courage to BE, DO, HAVE all that you want.

Start today, friend.

There is no more time left to live the wrong life.

Start today.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want… Stop living the one you don’t.

Kind Regards,



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