The Customer Is NOT Always Right For You

There is a saying that goes ‘The customer is always right’ – Is that true for you?

When you get started in business, you may think that you have to serve every single person on the planet. They have the money and therefore you must do whatever it is that they want.

And then you hear the saying that the customer is always right and so you think it really must be so.

And so you go out of your way to do whatever it takes to make every single person who shows interest in your business the exact same courtesies, you become a different person depending on what this new customer wants from you. Your motto is ‘Whatever it takes!’

But really?

How long can you maintain that? And does this need to please people show up in all areas of your life because it certainly is a recipe for burnout and disaster. IT may seem like the best thing to do when you feel somewhat desperate to get customers and you do not know where your next customers are coming from but really?

How annoying it is to live life that way!

Yes, we want to have customers…

Yes, we want to make them happy as far as is possible…

Yes, we also want to make a profit…

After all, the only way we can keep serving people and keep offering them the opportunity to work with us is if we are making enough money to stay in business. Some customers are just not right for us, they may have the money but it would be best if someone else serves them because either their demands are too high and time-consuming or they want to pay as little as possible to avail themselves of our services or products.

In which case, they are not your people.

Stop trying to make them your people.

There are 7 billion people on the planet – It is possible that your people are elsewhere so find those people instead.

Determine who you want to be in business and let nothing and no one take you off course. Link who you choose to be to a pain that certain people experience and start to confidently be who you choose to be and in time, you will find that your people, your customers, the one that are a joy to serve, find their way to you.

And if you are currently lumbered with customers who do not fill you with joy – Let them go.

The customer is not always right for you!

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