Lots of entrepreneurs face this issue and it is the underlying reason that a lot of people quit before they get the result that they want from their business…

And when considering why they failed and quit, they tell themselves all kinds of nonsensical things about it, like the fact that they were not good enough and like they are not cut out for business.

When really, their focus was just on the wrong thing the whole time.  They were doing all the things they were less scared of doing rather than doing the things that HAD TO BE DONE which did scare them.

And do you know what that one big obstacle is?

It is a lack of an engaged audience.

Now, I know that you know that you need this and yet, you really do not understand the importance of it and so, as mentioned, you go off on random rabbit trails trying to figure things out that do not need figuring out.

I have done this…

I would spend lots of my time navel-gazing, wondering why people just did not buy from me instead of focusing simply on showing up as myself to gain the audience of people who GOT ME!

I would spend lots of time refining the product, refining my website, starting again from scratch, doubting myself, wondering how I get people to pay me money to do what I wanted to do, refining the price of my offerings, refining all the finer points of my business that no one got to see because I did not have an engaged audience who cared about it all anyway.

No one needs you to be a genius at what you do but if you do not stand out as ‘YOU’ then all you have to compete on is possibly price and the colour of your site and both of those things are so subjective – How do you decide?

What if, instead people bought from you because of the experience of working with you?

What if, people bought from you because they actually liked YOU?

But how can they do that if you are hiding away doing the things that do not demand that you show up?

The things that you can get any body else to do?

The things that do not matter unless you have people liking what you are about?

Enough focusing on the wrong thing.

Do you have something to sell? Yes, okay! You are now in business.

Sell something and ask the buyer what they think before you spend even another minute on refining your product.

Now, concentrate EVERYTHING you do on building an audience!


1.Use Video

Video is pretty amazing for getting people to know, like and trust you because people can see you, they can get an idea of your mannerisms and they can decide if they like what you are about or not.

Periscope is an option for live streaming and has its own audience base that you can tap into as well as inviting people who already know of you.

YouTube is a place with its own audience as well.  Go engage with other people’s channels and in time, you will have people come over to yours and your videos will start to be seen.

Facebook – At the moment, it is all about getting people to do more and more videos and if you can get your account verified then you may even have the option of live streaming right there on Facebook.  Cool to get seen live but not the only way.  You can also upload videos that you have recorded.

Make sure that at the end of each video, you tell people exactly what to do next – A great call to action is exactly what you need at the end of every piece of content you put out there.

2. Use text

Blogging allows you to get your message out to people who enjoy reading.  Big businesses have been built this way and you can use it to.  Combine your blogging with social media and you can use the words that flow out of you to attract a new audience who could be very interested in you first and then onto your product or service.

Write books – You can now very easily self-publish on a whole range of platforms.   You write a few blog posts and you can combine them to make a book – Repurposing at its best!  Again, the goal here is to reach as many people as you can with your own unique sound.

You may be saying exactly the same as everyone in your industry but the way you say it, will always be different when you allow yourself to be yourself.  This only works when you allow that.

Stop thinking you have to be like, or sound like anyone else.

In fact, go on a fast of consuming other people’s stuff for a little while so that you can get in touch with your own unique sound.  Stop thinking you have to be so professional in your writing…

Stop thinking you even have to write something so intelligent that everyone bows at the wisdom within it – That, my honey is a recipe for procrastination and it will get in the way of just plain old productivity.

Get something out daily!  That is it!

3. Social Media

Go connect with other people’s audiences in groups.  People are deliberately choosing to be part of groups so go mingle, if you can find the time.  It can certainly be very time-consuming but you can use your other content to post into a group.  Just try to make it special for that group, rather than cross posting the same post across a few different places.

Also, talk back to people.  Be interested in what they are talking about, comment on their posts instead of just posting and fleeing.  The truth is, there is no hard and fast rule to communicating with people except to keep in mind that you are speaking to PEOPLE and they do like to be made to feel important.  Some people may not notice that you just post offer after offer without actually engaging with anyone but most will and they will assume that you like to spam.

No one likes a spammer!

Advertising needs to be mentioned as well, of course because sometimes it is easier to pay to play.  But never assume that you can ever pay enough if you are not also doing these other things I have mentioned.  You can chuck a lot of money at Facebook but without something people can get their teeth stuck into so that they stick around, that can just be your advertising dollars gone down the drain.

Creat content daily, have free giveaways, do videos, audios, everything and then put adverts out there so that new eyeballs look at the stuff that you have already created.  Do not just do standalone adverts – They will work but you will pay through the nose and attract the coldest prospects EVER!

Ultimately, all of this to tell you that YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP.

As my coach puts it to me, you have to turn the light up.  Your dimmer switch is making you seem too much like a ‘norm’ and ‘norm’s are boring and do not get all they want out of life.

If you want to make lots of money, you have to become that mini celebrity and you do that by generating a whole lot of buzz around you.  And yes, it will demand that you get over your internal dramas so that you can just consistently show up.  And sometimes, it will feel slow as everyone has these grand ideas of having the world notice them by their ONE blog post and video but it hardly ever happens!

Usually, the overnight success is a result of the daily consistency, the daily putting out whatever feels like your best work that day.  Please remember that you are not really a great judge of that! So put something out there that represents who you are at the time of creating it.

Build that audience as soon as possible.  Stop focusing on things that do not matter when no one is buying.

And you will make money and change lives all at the same time.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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