The Battle Scars Make You A Leader!

The scars make you a leaderLike most people, I want to avoid the struggle, the challenges, the trials, the tribulations of being a leader that triumphs.  I want it all to be smooth sailing.  I want to glide easily into a life or wealth, abundance and purpose but the reality is that some mornings, it feels like I am pushing through quicksand as I attempt to get on with my day.

Yes, I have a strategy – a morning ritual – in place to wake me up but there are times when the weight of all the things I attempt to do feels very weighty indeed.  I plough on, obviously, but it feels tough.  Do you understand what I mean?

And in these moments, I remind myself (and you) that it is in the triumph over the fears, doubts and worries that you find your salvation.

You are a leader because you keep on walking despite the temptation to stop.

You are a winner because of the battle scars.

(Think of the respected warrior returning from the battle field with scars and wounds all over him and yet, he is respected because he went, he faced the battle, he fought through and he won.  The coward is ignored because he stayed home in comfort and found excuses not to go out and fight.)

You are a deliberate millionaire because you deliberately keep moving forward despite every weak inclination within you to give up.

You know that you are called to more than this.

You know that you have a purpose, a mission beyond what you can currently see.

You choose to keep moving forward because the vision of what is to come is so much more powerful than your current placement in life.  You see the impact you are created to have on the world and yes, at times, it feels impossible as you look at your current situation and yet, inside of you is a pull to greater things.

And you want more for your family, for yourself and so you choose to keep pushing.

Yes, you could lie down and give up and allow the fear to overwhelm you into thinking it is impossible…

Yes, you could do that.

But you know that you will be back here in a year wishing you had just stayed on course and done the work consistently, regardless of how you felt.  You can only ignore the inner compulsion for so long before you are back here seeking to be, do and have all that you are created for.  And that would be another year wasted so you may as well stay on course and keep moving forward to fulfil the thing you are made to do.

Take a moment now to write out again why you do what you do – Get clear again.

Write out the big, huge vision you have for you and yours.

Write out the impact you choose to have on the people in your community and in the world.

Write out the legacy you want to leave behind you when your time on this planet is done.

Write out all the luxuries, the freedom, the wealth you want to create – It is okay to want to be more than comfortable, you know!

Inspire yourself with your grand vision!

Yes, there may be that crazy little niggle in your head telling you that it is impossible – IGNORE IT!

Write, write, write until you are enthused again with the joy of creating a life of adventure, abundance and wealth.

Then ask yourself what you must do next in order to make it happen.

Do whatever comes to mind.  Don’t question it, don’t over think it (I mean, how many great ideas have you over thought yourself out of?!)

Just do it!

You can always tweak later.  For now, just do the next thing and then the next thing.

Keep the vision clearly in front of you and keep moving forward towards it.

Let nothing get in the way of your vision for too long.

Remember that whatever you are going through, it is the fact that you are still standing and still moving forward that creates the leader that is you.  It is not because your whole life was smooth sailing – that would have been easy.  It is because you keep moving despite the difficulties.  Those scars make you a leader.

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