By taking responsibility for healing ourselves, we heal the planet.

Each person, choosing to step more fully into the light, makes a difference.

Each person, choosing to notice and handle the darkness within themselves, makes a difference.

Blaming the other person, yelling at the other person, waiting for the other person, hoping that the other person will do something, will not change anything.

It is people, individual people – YOU – that will be the change we want to see in the world.

YOu have no idea the impact you could make on your family, your friends, your community, your nation, just by you being your true design divine self.

Do not underestimate the power you have to change the world.

Most people get angry about the injustices they see in the world, feel helpless to change the troubles they see in the world or even take it up on themselves to save the world.

They burn out.

They just get more angry and frustrated, adding more hate and yukkiness to the world.

And the world just keeps ticking along.

It seems novel to consider that the world can only change as we each take responsibility for the only thing we really can change – OURSELVES.

Imagine more and more ‘awakened’ souls proliferating the marketplace, the government, the schools, parenting ‘awakened’ children, the media, the religions, the healthcare industry, the arts, the entertainment industry.

No need for yelling and shouting because the light will simply overshadow the darkness.

And yet, most people keep looking OUT THERE for solutions while running very DETERMINEDLY away from the darkness inside themselves.

YOu cannot run fast enough to escape yourself so why try?

The work begins within.

It may seem pointless or too slow but just because you are shouting loudly, does not mean anything is actually changing.

As corny as it sounds, love is the answer the world needs

And at your truest core, YOU are love.

Do the work of handling the inner nonsense – Allow more love to flow through you as you heal the blindspots and blocks within yourself.

That is surely the best thing you can do for the world.

Let others yell and scream and shout.

You do the most important work of all – BE LIGHT & LOVE IN THE WORLD.

Fall in love with the Divine.

Fall in love with yourself.

That is what will change the world.

I invite you to completely rewire your mindset for increased happiness and prosperity in all areas of life with a 30 day immersion in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Prosperity in whatever area of life is simply love energy materialised into the desires of your heart.  That may sound a little kooky but it is true.  The more you open up to being loved and being love, without all the limiting beliefs that you have bought into, the more likely you are to be a source of transformation in your own home and in the world at large.

Stop waiting for someone else to save the day.

Do YOUR work, the inner work of healing the blocks within yourself that stifle light and love.

Come now and start rewiring your mind.

Come leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past.

Come and become a clear channel for love to flow, healing you, your finances and relationships first and then impacting the world as you continue to allow love clear passage through you.

You were never designed to do this alone.

Take part in the EASY SUCCESS edition of the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY – Learn how to connect more deeply with the creator of all that is.  From that place of power, take inspired action to create the life you desire. It is so much easier, when you are connected.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN to the programs and allow them to transform you.

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Much Amazing Love

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