In general, there are 3 stages to the evolution of each human

The seemingly blissful unaware stage 1 where the human goes through life without thinking much about their impact on the world around them.  They feel like life is happening to them.  They feel like a victim of forces beyond their control.  If life is good, they are happy enough and try very hard not to break anything as it just feels like luck and they don’t want to jinx it.  If life is bad, they look for an external cause, they look for someone or something to blame.  They find others who believe the same as they do and together they throw stones violently at the person or thing that is causing their issues or they band together and worship their chosen deity, hoping to receive blessings if they please this unseen being that they are convinced gives and takes away from them.

That is stage 1.

Most people stay in this stage forever.  It can be a blissfully happy stage if they are ‘lucky’ or ‘blessed’ or absolutely horrid if they are ‘unlucky’ or being punished for some unknown wrong deed or in some cases, it can be a battle as the ‘forces of evil’ come against them and they imagine themselves in some spiritual battle that they can only win with the help of their chosen deity and lots of spiritual warfare as in prayer, fasting etc

Then there are those who move up to stage 2.

They start reading self-help books or actually start really listening to what they spiritual teacher is teaching and acting on it or some really horrid thing happens that wakes them up to the fact that they have a lot more power than they realised.  They start to see that they create their own reality and so they start trying very hard to be ‘better’.  They see all their flaws, they cannot help but judge themselves and they keep trying to fix things.  They feel superior to stage 1 people but they also notice that despite all this new self-awareness, they seem to be unhappier than those in stage 1 because now that they are awake, they cannot return to that blissful unawareness of stage 1.  They now feel responsible for EVERYTHING in their life. If anything happens, they search within to see what they did to create it and you can be sure there is always something dark to find, if you go a-looking.

These wonderful stage 2 people also realise they can create whatever they desire and they go about it with gusto BUT they are also very enamoured with all the things they are doing to block the arrival of what they want.  They try to fix it all – Trauma is the buzzword. It is used on everything. My trauma this and my trauma that.  The spiritual ones are forever healing something, forever trying to clear things and they start to forget the simplicity of life.  They go the most convoluted path to get to the impact and income they want to create.  They do not realise they are doing this, of course, because they are working SOOOO HARD at everything EXCEPT the things that will very simply get them the impact and income they want.  Somehow, they are so aware of all their deep soul issues but so completely unaware of the surface things like if you simply sell your service for a higher price, then you will make more money.  Raising prices is associated with some childhood issue and a deep sense of unworthiness, instead of simply a change of number.

The surface things are too simple, too obvious.  “It cannot be that simple.  No, it must be my early childhood trauma, gotta heal that and then my life will work”

And so what would have taken 6 months takes 16 years or they finally decide it must not be the will of the Divine.  They do not realise it but they revert back to stage 1 where it is ‘The Divine’s fault’.

This stage is probably the most painful of all stages.  They KNOW there is more but it forever seems out of reach, no matter how hard they heal, clear, pray, WORK.  They make progress but every win is HARD WON.  It is PAINFUL!

And then there is stage 3 – Not many reach this but it is available to all. It is a stage of surrender – a scary term for most because it feels more like stage 1 where you give up any ambitions and just go along to get along but that is not true surrender, that is just giving up.

In stage 3, surrender is more about full acceptance of self and all your desires (Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart – a very different way to see this).  It is about making peace with all that you are and loving yourself completely. It is a stage I am still getting familiar with so I am not sure that I have the words for it yet.  Your inner child is set free. You are deeply connected to the Divine, not out of some desperate need to be granted gifts or to be loved, forgiven or whatever but simply because that is who you are – Divine.

And you create the things you desire imperfectly.  You feel all the inner tension but instead of getting distracted by it, you surrender to your vision and keep taking the obvious next step towards it, knowing that the inner tension does not mean anything about whether you can have the goal or not. It is just tension developed from living on a planet where you have been at odds with yourself for a long time. You start to truly love yourself and allow the Divine to love you because you are no longer trying to prove you are good enough to be loved or to have the things you desire to have. You are a flawed human being…so what?!

You start to have fun in life again.

You realise your truest purpose is simply to enjoy being here on this planet, not to be perfect, not to prepare for the next life but to enjoy the here and now.

You realise you can create whatever you want to support that enjoyment so why would you not?  It seems obvious.

You set yourself free to LIVE, to really truly LIVE

And it is a deeper blissfulness than stage 1 peeps, though it may look similar to stage 2 peeps who are all about the judgement of themselves and others.

You wonder why you made it sooo difficult but you also realise you did not know any better so why worry about it.

Anyway, as I said at the start, this is a generalisation.  Take what you will from it.

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Much Amazing Love

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