Tap Into The Amazing – ness That Is YOU!

Tap Into The Amazing-ness of YouLife can seem so tough at times for a lot of people. That used to be my story and some days, it still feels like my story. It feels like no matter how hard you push, you get nowhere fast and frankly, the urge is just to give up and stop trying.

You look at people around you and wonder why you keep putting the effort in when really, you could live a life like the 98% and maybe find peace with that…


I tried it for a while, I tried to dampen the passions within me, I tried to be like everyone else and frankly, it sucked!

I felt dead inside as I tried to win the super mother of the year award!

I am not created to just be a mum – Yes, I have said it out loud! Here I am, the woman who has chosen to home educate her three amazing princesses, I am admitting to the world that I am not cut out to just be a mother.

You have no idea how much that scares me to say out loud.

But maybe it is your time to admit to yourself that you are not cut out to be whatever you have spent the last few years trying desperately to be.

Maybe it is time just to DO YOU! Whatever that looks like today.

So what, if tomorrow, ‘YOU’ has become something else completely… So blinking what?!

Today, choose to do you however that manifests itself – Choose to be the great, powerful, warrior self that you know deep inside you are.

You cannot live like the 98% and the only reason you would try to, is because you are afraid.

Afraid of being shunned, afraid of being too different from those around you, afraid that no one will want to hang with you, afraid that you will fail.

Afraid that no one will love the real you – Afraid that the real you is just not enough.

You cannot fail at being you – It is an impossibility!

You can, however, fail at being someone else because it is so not in your make-up to be like them. So, why not be you in your full glory?

It seems odd to say but we actually have to re-learn how to be ourselves. We have to peel off the layers that we have allowed others and life experience to put on us. We have to believe that the deep part of us is really worth the effort to uncover because it does seem so much easier to stay right where we are, doing what we have always done.

Yet, we HAVE TO boldly cut through the nonsense in order to really experience the fullness of life that is promised in all the good books.

I need you to understand this though – Not cutting through the nonsense could be the very reason that everything feels like an uphill struggle.

Imagine with me, a life where you are eager to jump up in the morning, where you enthusiastically do whatever it is that you do! You feel exuberant as you go about your daily business; you create wealth easily because you do something that comes to you naturally.

You contribute to the world in ways that make absolute sense to you and you do only stuff that you actually want to do!

Imagine that!

Think of a life where you wake up feeling fulfilled, happy and there is a permanent smile on your face as you face the day.

Does it feel too unreal?

Are you so used to living a life of drudgery and slog that the idea of anything more ‘in the flow’ seems unrealistic?

Well, you can have a life of slog if you want.

I, however, WILL FIGHT for something different. Yes, at the start, it might feel like an unreal delusion but I KNOW that life without the struggle is possible and I am going there.

I am taking that big leap!

Are you with me?

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Create The Life You Want, Stop Living The One You Don’t

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