There are all these gifts, these strengths inside of you…

All these ideas that you have had for as long as you can remember…


You have become way too familiar with them

And let’s be honest, there is a part of you that really does not think you can bring it all to life

It all seems too big, too way out there for ‘little old you’!

And who wants to hear from you, you wonder…

No one you know is doing what you dream of doing…

In fact, when you mention your dreams to people, they think you want too much!

And you wonder if you ARE greedy.

Yes, you hear of others over the internet waves, living lives that you dream of but there is a part of you that thinks it is either all a scam or it is just not the kind of thing that ‘people like you’ do…

And so, day by day, month by month, year by year, you live a life that feels kinda less than what you desire

But you have trained yourself to believe it is okay

You have ALMOST convinced yourself that you can find a way to be content with it

You might cloak it in spiritual terms

Something about waiting on the right timing or waiting for the right doors to open

Or not wanting to be too pushy

And just wanting to be all about love and peace and kindness…

Which all sounds good but leaves you silently wondering if this is all there is to life

Or you might use practical terms

Something about not having the money or the time or the skill or knowledge or connections or living in the wrong place with the wrong people or having more responsibilities than others that do this kind of thing…

Whatever your reason of choice is, it ends up with you taking your gifts and strengths for granted…

You stop even noticing that you are anything special…

There is a part deep within you, that knows you are but for the most part, you live as though nothing you have to offer is all that good.

You do EVERYTHING BUT the thing you dream of doing…

You think everyone can do what you can do

You think everyone sees life the way you do

And that is such a pity!

Because honey, there is no mistake about you

There is no mistake about the particular combination of strengths within you

There is no mistake about you being here at this time with that combination of strengths…

That vision inside of you, that dream is yours to create

And in fact, your vision is your permission to go forward and create it

For your sake and for the sake of the world.

Again , no mistake about you being here at this time – It is because there is something you carry that if you will bring it out, it will shift you, your family, your community, your country and who knows how far the ripples will reach!


Honey, you are powerful enough to break free of all these doubts

You carry something important

Please stop taking it for granted


You are invited to come into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY and rewire your mind to allow increased prosperity and happiness BEING ALL OF YOU!

You are born for more and you can achieve it all.

It is time to stop stalling and get on path.

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Much Amazing Love

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