Taking responsibility

Wow! So the last two days have gone by pretty quickly.  I cannot believe it is the weekend already.

As I learn to be more grateful each day, I am finding that things are easier to deal with.  It is true that one’s brain works better when presented with positivity, rather than shutting itself down when all you think of is how it cannot work, how you cannot do it etc.  Thinking negatively definitely leaves room for all manner of fear and doubt to take root in your brain.

The truth is we are all very lucky to be alive in this time and it can only get better.  There is sooo much opportunity around if we will just open our eyes and choose to do what the 98% will not do.

For one, listening to positive audio messages rather than the news or the radio could make a world of difference to someone out there.  If you hear just one great idea that resonates with you, it could mean the difference between success and failure in any endeavour you choose to undertake.  Reading a new book could also introduce new ideas into your everyday life.  Choose well though.  I should have some suggestions on this blog as I develop it further.  Most things can be obtained really cheaply either in the Library (free!!) or on the internet.  So what is stopping you?

There is such a lot of information on the web too.  However, one does need to be picky about who one pays attention to.   I have noticed some people getting super paranoid as they attach themselves to weird people’s philosophies.  I have been known to be a conspiracy theorist – I am certain there are hidden agendas in most new developments in the world. Some examples (let the weirdness hang out!) – The fighting in Libya – Is it over oil or is it really to ‘help’ the Libyans?  Where were we during the Rwandan massacre?  Having a central register for all children everywhere – Is it really to protect the children from abuse or is it a means to control families (Big brother and all that)?  All depends on who you listen or talk to. Does global warming exist or is it just propaganda to sell us more stuff – all green of course? I could mention a few others I have considered but let’s not scare you all off too soon.  Do you have any others you would like to share? – Chances are that I have considered it!

(Oh wonderful – I have managed to wake H up with my clickety- clacking in bed! )

Anyway, back to my random ramblings.  Most of the theories detailed above affect me in varying degrees depending on how passive I am being at the time.

Do you ever notice that you are more likely to take anything as truth when you are not really thinking, not really taking control of your own thoughts?  I have been a victim of handing over responsibility for my thought processes to various people at varying points in my life. It never goes anywhere good.  The problem is, when you wake up and try to take control of your own mind, you might come across opposition, from others and from yourself. The tendency at this point is to just fall back into the way things have been, just to maintain the status quo and frankly, you have lived this way for so long that you are not even sure if there is another way.

I KNOW there is another way and I see people choosing it.  Not many people, I hasten to add, but enough to give me hope that I too can be one of these people.  Someone who takes full responsibility for my life and my actions and never chooses to blame circumstances or people for the way my life turns out – A person who aspires to more but lives fully in each moment, enjoying the journey.  That is where I am headed.

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.
Jim Rohn





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