Don’t you just find the Facebook changes plain annoying? OR maybe you are one of the wonderful people where everything works just well for you or you use Facebook as it was originally intended to be used… as a social network (Gasp, Horror!) and so it serves its purpose just nicely, thank you!

However, if you are in business and use Facebook, I am certain that at some point or the other you have wanted to throw something at its founder.

One day, everything is working honky dory and then you wake up the next morning all excited about cracking the code and… everything IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE and you really do not even understand why.

You might even pop over to ask the support team for help and you get nothing in response. You get banned from groups for unknown reasons and again no one tells you why so that you can fix the issue.

You go from getting 200 plus likes on your posts to 5 likes in one 12 hour period and you have absolutely NO IDEA WHY!

FRUSTRATING!!! SO VERY frustrating!


What is a budding business owner to do?

OK, so it sounds like I am about to launch into a rant about Facebook but actually I am not – Though I have been super careful to make sure the ‘F’ in Facebook is capitalized so I can boost this post without drama (Or maybe, I will just stick it on the site instead and hope you find it there) – Might be easier!grin emoticon

This is it – we are in business! Sometimes, I read these rants about this platform and I feel you, ok? I really do! I have had some deep moments of rage with Facebook and still do but guess what, we are in business!

Just like they are.

We are in business to make money but then a lot of people try to do that for free on Facebook and get annoyed when the platform does not like what you are up. After all, they are in business too – in fact, they have shareholders so a whole lot more people to make happy grin emoticon

So, what is my point?

I will say it again – we are in business!

We are not playing at this thing ( though frankly, I would suggest you tweak and tweak your approach to this platform and learn the rules of the game if you want to play because it ain’t going anywhere soon and it is a great way to build a business )

So… as I was saying, we are not playing at this thing called business. We are serious about creating the life we want, right?

So guess what, there will be setbacks – It is just the way things roll whatever platform you are using.

Nonsense happens at times and dealing with that nonsense is part of the task of a budding entrepreneur.

Taking full responsibility for that nonsense even when it feels like you are blameless in it all is part of your job description.

The ones who go on to incredible success are the ones who find a way not to let the frustration of building an empire get in the way of going on to do exactly that.

Being an entrepreneur or business owner is not a walk in the park and the challenges of social media platforms are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to breaking free from your comfort zone and creating something amazing.

So, I suppose the question becomes, are you in this for the long haul or are you just playing at it?

Will you, like a warrior, set your sights on victory and allow nothing but death get in the way of getting what you want? Or will you fall by the wayside and be like all the other regular people who did not quite make it and then blame Facebook for being the reason?

I know there is more to you than that but…

Will you BELIEVE ENOUGH IN YOU to keep walking, to keep doing the work, to keep putting one foot in front of the other even when it feels dark all around and you wonder if your dream is ever going to come about?

This is the truth – You cannot fail as long as you keep moving!

Will you?


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