There are 2 parts to me…

The part that is practical and only wants to talk of business stuff, sales funnels, email marketing and so on

The part that is intuitive and wants to talk only of spiritual, woo woo stuff

Although, when I think of it, it is all just me

Rosemary Nonny Knight

The Practical Spiritual Woman

And I used to hide the different parts of me, dependent on who I was with..

Sometimes, I still think I SHOULD hide parts of me

And yet, these parts are me, all of me

I have no real idea where I am going with this…

I have been up all night as I got excited about some idea that I have actioned already

I love when a huge burst of inspiration hits

I just don’t fight it anymore

I just let the idea through even though it was the middle of the night and sensible people who have to home-educate 3 princesses and live a full life the next day, should go to sleep

I took the limits off and just got on with it

And as normal, around 5am-ish, I sat down to type up my daily blog and this is what started to come through

And I wonder if it is for you

Because maybe you are holding back like I used to

Holding back parts of you that you feel are unacceptable in the marketplace

Worried about how you will come across

Worried that no one will take you serious and so they will not buy from you

Worried that peeps will think you are ‘too much’ like many have told you in the past

Worried that you will burn out if you go all in on creating the life you truly desire while still having to maintain the life you do not want

And so then, you start to have these inner conversations that result in you not getting any words out into the world

When it is the words that will build your online business

And so, your business makes no sales

And all because you are holding back from being your true self

Holding back from talking like you would talk to friends

Holding back from offering your products/services because you are scared people will think you are salesy

You started to filter yourself and found that YOU, the one who ALWAYS has something to say, has absolutely nothing to say in business

It is like the moment you put your business head on, all ideas go dead and silent

Honey, stop filtering yourself

You do not even know what the marketplace will respond to yet so stop trying to judge things before you even truly begin

Allow all of you to come through

Dare to believe that in a world of 8 billion or so people, you can find your people – The ones who will not care that you mix things up in unique ways that the world would have us believe should never be mixed like I do with singing, business growth and spirituality

I do it

I make money

You can mix up your stuff

And you can make money too


Take the limits off, my friend.

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