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Audio Training: Discover A Simple System To Use To Let Go Of The Burden Of A Painful Childhood & Step Boldly Into A Deliberately Designed Life Of Fulfilment, Freedom, Abundance

Hey honey!  

Your dreams are yours to create, you know? But sometimes, we forget because all you can see is the pain from the past. The pain of unresolved wounds.  

That stuff can eat up all your energy and prevent you moving forward.  

You go wherever your energy is taking you and I don’t want to get all ‘woo-woo’ about this but if all your focus and power is held up in the past and all the stories that you had to overcome then how on earth will you ever move forward? There is a part of you that holds back from playing full out in your life...  

Sometimes, it is because of the words you can hear speaking death over you, telling you that you are not enough, you are not worthy, you will never make it and so on and so on...  

In some ways, those ones are easier - You can hear them - YOU can tell that they are holding you back, you can decide not to listen...  

But what of the insidious blocks?  

the ones that do not rear their ugly head quite so obviously...  

And yet, they still hold power over you and keep you from the life you desire...  

All you know is that you seem to have gone so far and now, you are unable to go any further, even though you feel called to more - You just cannot seem to get there.  

And if you are anything like I used to be, you do not like to give too much credence to all these blocks and craziness...  

There is a part of you that despises those who keep talking about what their mama said and what their daddy did...  

And you do not want to be classed amongst them but...  

You feel blocked.  

Like there is an invisible wall between you and everything you want.  

And you are doing the work, pushing yourself daily to keep putting in the action though some days, you just want to give up...  

But you don’t...  

You keep pushing and going forward...  

What if it did not need to be so tough?  

What is there is a simple, practical way of distilling out and releasing your old stories so that you are able to move forward with power?  



This is an audio class that you get immediately

An audio training that takes you through a simple process of self-healing enabling you to let go and allow yourself freedom to build a life you adore waking up to.  

In it you will discover -  

  • How to identify and overcome recurring cycles that hold you back and how to break the cycle once and for all so that you can step into more abundance, freedom and happiness  
  • How to move past just surviving to a more empowered state of thriving in your chosen life path  
  • How to activate prosperity in all areas on your life by releasing a particular belief that has you bound in lack  
  • Understand why you seem prone to self-doubt and how to break the cycle of always needing accolades and approval so that you can deliberately design a life that you are happy to wake up to  
  • How to reconnect with your intuition where you true wisdom rises from so that you are living to your true design, rather than just living to the design others planned for you.  
  • How to be happy, truly happy as you break the invisible chains you have to a life that stifles you  
  • A simple system that anyone can use to establish freedom in their life.  

Now is the time to experience freedom, fulfilment, abundance in all areas - It is YOURS. Claim it!  


‘UNCOVER THE ABUNDANCE’ One on One Coaching Session

For the First 10 people only.

In the session, you will...  

  • Get crystal clear clarity on what you want to create  
  • Uncover any obstacles that may have stopped you from reaching your goals  
  • Next step plan to make things happen  
  • Leave the session renewed, reinsured and empowered to deliberately design the life you desire



Would You Like Even More Personalized Attention?


THREE one on one sessions in addition to the BONUS ONE...  

1) THE UNCOVERING - We dig deep and see where you have been hiding, what caused it and show you how to handle it - Sometimes, it is simply nowhere near as scary as you thought. MOST TIMES, it is alse conditioning that has made you feel wrong where you were actually OK! Let's uncover it.  

2) THE ENERGY SHIFT - Now that the energy is released from hiding you, we can shift it somewhere that will level your life up fast. That energy is now available to you to do something more wholesome with. We will shift you up notch or a lot more.  

3) MAP OUT YOUR NEXT $5K - This will be pure strategy and planning. I believe that you need to be financially independent and doing what you feel called to do and so, this session is focused on figuring out how you can make $5k a month or more and giving you a clear plan to go ahead and follow.  

If you choose to continue working with me after these sessions, then this fee will be deducted from your second month with me.  

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