We all get stressed out at times.

We all have a lot to deal with, at times.

We all feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, sometimes.

But that does not give us permission to be idiots to the people in our lives, particularly those who love us.

So no, honey, you do not have to allow THAT person you love to treat you badly when they feel bad.

Find a moment to have a clear conversation about it. Make clear requests about how you want to be treated.

You are not a doormat.

You are not a dumping ground for anyone’s aggravations and pain.

Yes, you may be willing to help them through it but you must still demand respect or else, you become a victim and they just think they can be silly around you.

And also…victims NEVER win.

It is not love to allow yourself to be treated badly. RISE UP!

I know you know this but you are getting love confused with co-dependency.

One empowers and lifts up and the other belittles and drains.

Be wise.



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Much Amazing Love

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