Do you sometimes think you are going through life with a veil on?  As though you cannot quite see all that there is to see.  There is a flimsy film between all that you could be and all that you currently are.

You want to be wealthy, rich, peaceful, impactful and more…

You want to have great relationships, to be at peace with everyone, to love freely and to receive love in return without all the drama and yet, there is something between that picture of your self and what shows up every day.

What shows up every day, is fearful, constrained and full of doubts.  You get enough done and in fact, you get more done than most people, but you have a feeling there might be more.

Because there is a longing inside of you to experience more and some would tell you that it is wrong to want more, that you must be satisfied with what you are and what you currently have.

And you believed them.

And so you have accepted this smaller version of you and in fact, you think it is wrong to harbour feelings of ‘wanting more’.

But you still want it.

Are you tired of fighting with yourself yet?

I get it – This is all you have ever know, the struggle between trying to be a more ‘noble’ form of you and what you actually are and yet, maybe there is just no need for a struggle.

Maybe all this forcing yourself to pretend to not want stuff, is the problem here.

Maybe that is the veil that stops you being all you want to be, doing all you want to do and having all you want to have.

I am going to have a serious conversation with you right now, just like I would with any one of my clients who was dithering in this crazy manner and I say to you…


ALLOW yourself to have it all!

ALLOW yourself to explore all that you want to explore.

Stop holding yourself back based on some outdated ideas of what is right and wrong.  All those ideas taught to you were created by another person just like you so what makes their ideas of what you should want, better than yours?

Yes there are rules of the universe, laws that cannot be broken.

But they are like gravity, you cannot break them so when you come across those, you will know so don’t worry so much about that…

For most other things…

You get to decide for yourself what is right and wrong.

You get to pave your own path.

Com’on, Give yourself permission to only live life the way you want to.

Stop over identifying with your past and start creating a new future.

Let all those internal judgements inside of you, go.

You will be freer for it.

The veil is completely of your own making.


No one forces you to live this stilted version of you – you choose it every time you refuse to question yourself and your beliefs about what you are allowed to be, to do, to have.

You are created in the image of God, OK?

You can have it all if you will just let yourself.

Stop resisting yourself because you think it is the ‘noble’ way.

Stop putting rules of conduct where there need not be any rules.

Start giving yourself permission to experience more.

That is what life is all about – Experience.

You choose who you want to be and you experience it.

If you do not like it, then you move on to something else.

You always get a choice.

And yet, you keep living as though you are trapped in an experience of life you do not like, hence the feeling that you are covered up by a veil.

You are not.

You just keep choosing it.

I know it is daring to consider that all you have ever believed is limiting you.  YOU have made yourself a prisoner because of your unquestioned beliefs.  Growing up fully, stepping into a more powerful version of you, demands that you deliberately question everything.

And that can be scary.

That can cause you to hide yourself from people because you worry about what they may think of you if you openly question everything.  And yet, why do you worry about people who choose to remain in the dark and covered by their own version of the veil.

They worry that the bogeyman will get them if they leave the comfort of their old beliefs but you and I know that there is no bogey man – There is a room with NO WALLS so why do you act like a goldfish in a bowl?

I am not going to lie…

What I propose here is not easy to do alone.

Most of the time, you are blind to the fact that something you believe is holding you back from all that you could be and it is an objective outside eye that points out to you that there is a weird belief going on there.

Most of the time, you are just not thinking about what you are thinking about and you read something like this and it makes you jump as you realise… I am doing that again.

I am getting covered up by the veil, again.

Most of the time, you will read something like this and then get sucked back into life as it currently is and forget that there could be more because all you can think about is keeping your head above water.


Remember who you are…

Stop resisting yourself mindlessly.

Instead, deliberately pay attention to that resistance within you and ask why it is there?

Are you denying yourself something you want because you think you should?

Question that.

Make a decision in the now as to whether your old way of thinking is hindering or helping and then decide fully what you will do next.  Actively choose either to experience what you want or not to.  But don’t just give a blanket ‘no’ for no other reason, other than you always have.

Yes, to start, it will be trying to always make a deliberate choice…

But it will be worth it in the long term, to help you remove the veil.

To experience life in its fullness.

To be free.

I choose freedom again and again and again.

Join me.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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