Take Massive Action NOW – Five Ideas For Increasing Your Productivity & Wealth

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Take Massive ActionWe all have very limited time to live life and it can be so easy to get through days and weeks without doing as much as is truly possible. Choosing to take massive action in our work time can increase productivity no end and therefore you create more wealth in a shorter period of time. Here are a few ideas to make that happen.

1. Stop consuming and start acting

You may be someone who loves to learn a lot but when it comes to implementation, you find that you lack the follow through? It is so easy to get to the end of the day and feel like you have been incredibly busy but really all you have done is passively consume material.Set this target for yourself – “I will only consume a maximum of 20% of the time. The rest of the time I will implement” and also “I will not read another book, attend another seminar, do any other training until I have completed the implementation of the last one”

There is no point going from one learning thing to another. You make no progress that way. You must take massive action if you do want to meet your goals and as good as it is to learn, it is wise to spend a lot more time in implementation.

2. What is your one thing?

Have you set your priorities yet? Do you know the difference between the important and the urgent things on your ‘to-do’ list? Or are you running round like a headless chicken getting not much done. Again you get to the end of the day and you think you have worked hard but really you have not. You have just put out a few fires but progressed nothing.Productivity is not the same as busyness. You can be busy and completely unproductive. Take a few minutes to write down the important things you must undertake to grow your business and do them now. Make your day start by taking massive action on the things that must be done consistently. Do not allow anything to deter you from your purpose.

3. Put away Distraction And Keep In Sight The Important

Awareness is such an important part of your life. If you do not remain aware of where your day is going, where your life is going, nothing gets done.

If you say you want to write more, then have your journal to hand and within reach all the time and then you will find yourself doing more writing. If you say you do not want to be disturbed in your writing time, do not have your many gadgets to hand. Whatever remains in awareness will get done. And this can work to your benefit or against you. Take massive action by deliberately choosing what stays in the same vicinity as you. Deliberately design your environment.

4. What happened yesterday is no excuse for today

You are not as helpless as you think. You may have made innumerable mistakes in the past but you can no longer use that as an excuse to stop and lick your wounds indefinitely. You may call it being wise and careful but it may really be you avoiding facing your past directly and therefore allowing it to colour your future.

Taking massive action depends on you living fully in the now. You can learn a lesson or two from the past but you must not allow it become a reason to stay stuck, navel gazing.

I did this for so long and I look back and see just how much time I wasted. It is your time to step up as a champion and take massive action to claim the life, the business you say you want.

5. Perfectionism is not all it is cracked up to be

I feel the need to continually remind you that it is not great to keep aiming for perfection if it means you do nothing today to progress your goals. What do you want? And what are you willing to do to make it happen? Do not let perfectionistic tendencies get in the way of you creating the life and business that you want.

You can learn everything you need to know on the way…

You can find the answer to every question on the way…

And it is incredible the miracles that show up on the path of the person who takes massive action.

Be that person. Be a leader. Keep moving forward and believe enough in yourself to stay on path each and every day.

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