The work you perform, is a result of what you think about yourself.

Do you value, love & believe enough in yourself to find something that feels amazing to do? Or do you tell yourself a story of ‘I have to’.

The relationships you allow around you, are a result of what you think about yourself.

Do you value, love & believe enough in yourself to release painful connections, knowing that you can find the right people for you? Or again, are you caught up in a story of ‘I have to’.

The health in your body, is an embodiment of years of thoughts about yourself and your worth.

Do you value yourself enough to treat your body with respect? Or do you indulge stress, anxiety. fear?  Do you believe that you MUST go the way of the people in your family who faced ill-health?  Do you use food, drugs, alcohol as a distraction from the fulfilled, prosperous life you know you are not living?

The prosperity in your bank account, is also an embodiment of what you believe you are allowed and what you believe you are worth.

Are you super-spiritual but still broke? Are you called to serve in some way but again, feeling limited by your lack of funds? What ideas must you be indulging within yourself?  Do you even question them as you self-righteously tell yourself that you are not motivated by money, even though most of your life is determined by how much money you do or do not have?

Every aspect of your life is determined by what you allow yourself to focus upon and believe.

Do you not see how essential it is to take charge of your mind?

You blame the Divine or fate or the universe or chance/luck

You blame other people

You blame your environment

But it all starts with what you allow within your mind.

You can beg and plead with the heavens for EVER, hoping for change

But it will always start within YOU

You can change your environment, wear new clothes, dump your old friends, even receive an unexpected financial windfall and within a little while, you will be back to where you started (or worse), unless you change your mind.

Immersion in new ways of thinking is ESSENTIAL because for the most part, you do not even KNOW there is anything unhelpful about your thought patterns.  They seem so normal but they do not have to be.

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Much Amazing Love

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