Yes, I know life has been hard

I even know life IS hard

I know they treated you badly

I know the things that happened to you, should not have happened to you

I know the things that may even be happening to you right now, should not be happening (though why the heck you keep allowing it, I just don’t know!!!!)

I know you feel overwhelmed, sad, stressed and over-burdened

I know all this and yet…

If you want more, you have to go get more.

There is no other way.

You are made in the image and likeness of God

You are powerful creator

You created this mess of a life.

Yes, honey, YOU DID IT!

And now, you can wake the heck up and create the life you actually want

or you can keep feeling sorry for yourself and telling yourself some story of being stuck and how it is not all that bad and how you should be so grateful for the crumbs of joy in your life


Though your religious/spiritual/family/mass-mind programming has told you repeatedly that you have no power and no choices.

Will you please STOP listening to all that nonsense and reconnect to your SOURCE in a REAL way so that you can be guided step-by-step to the life you truly desire and that you are actually meant for?

It will not happen because you sit on your awesome butt and whine, groan, beg, plead and wish – you call it prayer but it ain’t! Well… I guess it is but you can see the fruit of THAT ‘PRAYER’ in your life

So do you want that to continue or do you want to wake up and use your power to BENEFIT yourself?

I can sympathise forever with you and I do sincerely feel for the things you have had to overcome.

I can even tell you all of my own sad stories and I can wax lyrical about all the reasons why I have not reached the 334000 people I want to reach yet

We can huddle in  a circle and cry together, if we want

We can sing sad songs of how we will finally overcome one day


You can join me in releasing the past and charging forward deliberately each and every day in the direction of your vision with the Divine in your ear, guiding you, directing you, teaching you, healing you, loving you and leading you to your triumphant, magnificent life

The thing is, the Divine cannot do anything without your permission and all you are giving permission for, at the moment, is more of the same noise, nonsense and drama that you claim not to want.


Because you are SOOOOOO focused on it!


Your focus is way too powerful to just place it willy-nilly on any old thing


More money to give and spend

More happiness

More fulfilment

More freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want it, with whoever you want

More travel

More savings

More investments

More loving relationships

More wisdom

More confidence

More peace

All of these things are within your reach, IF YOU WILL GET OVER YOUR NONSENSE and go get them.

Sympathy will NOT make you 6 figures so I will no longer just sympathise with you

I want you to be rich, fulfilled, happy so I would be doing you a disservice if I just felt sorry for you and kept going over how tough it has been.

YES, IT HAS BEEN TOUGH – I do not diminish that but do you want the rest of your life to be defined by that?

Are you not tired of giving all the crazy people in your life so much power over you?

Are they going to force you to go to the grave a failure?

Do you think it will give you comfort on your dying day to know that you allowed the events of the past to determine YOUR WHOLE FREAKING life?





YOU HAVE CHOICE – you are literally the only one with all the choices in your life

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