Lots of people wait until they have all the money, have all the time, have all the resources they think they need to get things done and I suppose you could do that if you are Edward Cullen and you know you are unlikely to die sometime soon.

But if you know you get about three score and ten years, can I say that that is a stupid way to live life?

Will you forgive me for being so blunt?

But really, do you think that everything has to be perfect before you start?

That thinking, like a lot of thinking, needs to be questioned out of your head.

You have what you have.

You are where you are

You are who you are.

All of those things can be a celebration or a tragedy.

What do you choose to make them?

Do you want to help somebody?…

Then figure it out.

Figure out how to do it and get to work doing it with what you have, where you are.  Keep it that simple.

Everyone starts here, though who cares about everyone?

You are all that matters and what you choose to do next is all that matters really in the grand plan that is you.

Switch on your brain and begin.  There is a vast amount of creativity within you just waiting to get out and change the world around you.  I know, I know, all this ‘change the world’ stuff seems too big for little old you but honey, there is no such thing as ‘little old you’.  There is a human of incredible power playing tiny.  Be done with that.

Switch on the brain and begin.

Create the life, the business you want, simply because you want to and you can, so why not?

The Deliberate Millionaire is Here.  Come join in – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/deliberatemillionaire

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