Are you Surrounded by Poor People? – 3 Tips to Change Your Money Mindset

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OK, so maybe that was a scary title but you know what I mean… Do you feel like everyone around you is making you feel bad about wanting a little more money in your life. You go to church where they talk about giving it all away before you even get it?!!  People look at you like you are greedy for pursuing a comfortable life for your family.

Everyone is talking about how the government has taken back this benefit or that benefit.  They all talk about the struggle to survive, the banks are not loaning money and so on, and so on.  There are no jobs.

Deep inside, you too are struggling with these thoughts yourself.  Maybe… You even join in the conversation about how hard it all is!  You watch films like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and you come out feeling like being rich is just plain evil!  And, of course, all the rich people are just out there to prey on the lovely poor people who are too nice to see what is happening.  Or maybe, deep inside, you feel that you getting rich is in turn making someone else poor – just like in a game of monopoly where there is a limited supply of cash so anything you gain must, by rights, have come from someone else’s pocket leaving them with no choice but to go bankrupt.

OK, so think about it?  Is that what is going on in your head?  And you wonder why you struggle to make or keep any money?!!

For some of you, it goes even deeper than what I have mentioned and as always, awareness is the key to turning things around.  So let’s begin with the tips to get rid of this poverty mindset in your head and also, learn to ignore it in others.

Money Mindset Tip 1 – Start to Believe There is Creative Abundance all around You

Look at the person next to you right now, or the next person you see and as you look at them, realise this – Within each person is an ability to create something from nothing.  We all have the ability to create.

Now I recognise that for some of you, it may feel hard to believe that.  You may have been so surrounded with poverty your whole life that the idea that you can create something from nothing is too big a leap.

Think about it though… A decade ago, who knew there would be Facebook and we can now communicate in real time with anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The internet itself is a creation from someone’s mind.  One day it was not there and then it was.  It took nothing from anyone else to create it.  Just a person with an idea.

Of course, there are people with a need to compete and steal from others but does that have to be you and your business?  Believe me when I tell you that inside of you is something unique that you can create.  Something worthwhile that will serve others in your community, your country, the planet.   Your small business can change lives.

And yet, you keep it hidden because you have believed lies.

Money Mindset Tip 2 – Be Grateful Right Where You Are

Let me tell you this – If you are reading this, the chances are you are so incredibly wealthy already.  You just do not see how blessed you are.  In daily life with its challenges, it is easy to get caught up in only seeing what we do not have, what we do not want and then we forget what we do have.

OK, so it is time to change the tide on that.  Right now, in this moment, I want you to look at what you are reading this on and say thank you.  Look at the house you live in – Be thankful for that.  Did you eat something, anything last night?  Be thankful for that.  Do you have some clothes to wear?  Be thankful for that. Did you sleep last night?  Be thankful for that.  Are your kids healthy?  Be thankful for that.  Have you started a business? Be thankful that you have the opportunity.

Be thankful for every little thing in your life right now and make a point of being aware of all the things that you have and are, throughout the day.  Become a ‘Pollyanna’.  Maybe not out loud all the time (that can get seriously annoying to those poor people around you 🙂 ) but certainly when you are around those people complaining, be conscious and aware of the great things happening and walk away from them as soon as possible.

Money Mindset Tip 3 – Discover New Ways to Create Wealth

Now this one, I make easy for you to do.  On this very website, I have created a course, a free 7 day course just for you.  Each morning for the next week, you will get a video that will cause you to stop and think about your life to date, the creativity that resides within you, the potential to change your own life that is waiting to come out.

As I said, at the start, it all begins with awareness. Join in by going to

Instead of walking blindly into your future as though you have no control of it, take a step to the side and change direction.  I promise you that you will learn more about you and more about the different ways to run a business.  You will come out of that 7 day period with new insights for building an abundant business and a fulfilled life.

It is time for us all to stop playing the victim, it is time to take control of your money mindset, it is time for you to become a creator, it is time for you to lead the people around you to become creators too.


Keep Moving Forward!

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