Surrender feels tough

Surrender feels scary

Surrender might even seem weak

And yet, it is the only way to create the life you desire

Most people refuse to surrender

They tell themselves stories of why they could never surrender to their calling

Stories of no money

Too many responsibilities

And all the stuff I have mentioned twenty million times before

They choose not to surrender

They try to blame the external things

And yet, it is a choice

It is always and only a choice

Will you live the life of adventure, changing lives, creating wealth because you want to?

Or will you stay stuck in what seems safe, secure, unfulfilling and boring?

I guess most people would think that life is simply to be endured with the hope that sometime in the future you get to do things you want to do before you die

(Or if religious, after you die!)

I refuse to buy into that

And so I chose to surrender to my calling

I was not always certain

I felt many times that I was crazy

And yet, I stay the course

And the life I create unfolds beautifully



Financial abundance


It is what I dreamt of and it gets better and better

And it all started with surrender

Not a weak thing at all

It takes great courage to surrender

You might step off the cliff and not be caught

You might DIE!

Or so the feelings inside you will go

And you will be tempted to stay on the sidewalk, watching time pass you by

Wishing you could be more brave

Wishing the path seemed more sure and certain

And then you die, waiting, waiting, waiting

Making the most of whatever life you allowed yourself, of course

But always knowing that you just never had the balls to go all in on what you truly desired


the world could have done with your awakened self

But hey ho, your choice.

AWAKEN and SURRENDER to the calling on your life

Surrender to the desires within your heart

Start taking steps towards them

TRUST that you will ALWAYS be taken care of

TRUST that everything works out for you

Because you will and it does

Yes, there will be dark times as you let go of old support systems and you wonder if you are stupid for daring to do such silly things…

But that is all in your head and part of the adventure is reprogramming your mind away from fear

The dark times do not mean anything

AWAKEN & SURRENDER to the desires of your heart

they are yours to create




LOVE awaits your total surrender.

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