Will you please stop fighting with yourself?

Will you please stop fighting for a life that you do not want?

Will you please stop taking one scared little step forward and then running back into the darkness because someone looked at you funny or you had a random scared thought?

Honey, stop allowing money to control you…

Stop allowing fear to control you…

Just choose to follow your calling and put one foot in front of the other day by day by day!

Keep your eyes firmly on the vision and ask “What is the best and most joyous thing I can do next to get me there?”

And then follow that intuitive nudge inside…


Yes, there will be days when you feel afraid…

But don’t let that stop you

Do you not know how powerful you are?

Do you not know that you have a unique dream that can serve the world?

Do you not understand that you are here for a reason and that you are a part of the grand design of the world?

That the world only becomes whole as you choose to show up and shine brightly…

Yes, honey, you really are that important.

And you do not need to feel proud to accept it!

Everything, EVERYTHING that has ever happened to you has happened for a reason – DO NOT WASTE IT!

You are born into a day and age where you can reach a lot of people for a fraction of the cost that it would have taken before.

In fact, if you play full out, you may even be able to get started for nothing at all…

You simply have to be courageous and stay on path and for the love of all things good, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE who fire you up and push you forward!

This trip is not something to be taken alone – You already know how isolated you feel!

Surrounded by people but none of them understand you at all!

So yes, come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE Assembly and get some personalised attention to grow your brand and your enterprise but also come for the community, the support, the safe place where you can be yourself and know that we got your back.

And honey, surrender.

Stop fighting the call on your life!

Stop waiting for the perfect time to fit it in!


CREATE THE SPACE for the call on your life!

You have a gift – please let the world see it.

And what are you fighting it for anyway?

To keep the less than ideal life you are currently living?!


And dive full in to living this life of purpose, calling, wealth.

The half-hearted ‘kind of in’ and ‘kind of out’ thing you do, does not work…

It just stretches out the pain.

It makes everything take longer…

It makes you doubt yourself more…

And you get nowhere.

So surrender and fully commit!


Do or die!

Tell the universe that you are determined and relentlessly going to pursue your goal and start to communicate, capture close daily like a mofo!

Do not leave space for fear to take hold again…

Do not indulge your self-doubt!

Get excited and stay excited…

Surround yourself by those who motivate you…

And go, go, GO!

Honey, your people will be mesmerised by the powerful version of you!

They will be magnetized by you!

And they will want to buy into you and share you and your enterprise…

And you will get the privilege of serving the people you feel called to.

And you will know that you are on purpose!

And all those who doubted you, will see just how accurate you were about your dream and vision…

And then they will ask you how you did it.


Be the maverick!

Get on the narrow path!


Come do life with me in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY.

You are worthy of so much more that you have allowed.

Come learn the simple sales/marketing techniques that will build you a significant income.

Come clear the blocks to peace and plenty

Check it out at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-deliberate-millionaire-50-discount/

Much Amazing Love

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