I received a message yesterday from an awesome new client and maybe you relate to this…

She had started a business…

Was attempting to get the message out…

But was getting hit back by all the negativity around her…

People saying no all over the place…

No one understanding what she was trying to do…

And it made her feel kinda down with it.

And so she expressed to me a little of her frustration by all the negative people around her…

And the truth is, maybe it is true…

Maybe there are negative nellies all around you too…

I have definitely felt like that at various times while growing my business…

So I do sympathize but guess what?

Sympathy ain’t gonna get you or my awesome client anywhere!

I can tell you how much I understand your pain for as long as I like but guess what?!

If you are to win, then there is no time for such indulgences (except for about 5 minutes or so before you pick yourself up and ask better questions)

It is an indulgence that gets you nowhere to think that anything external to you is the problem.


If you EVER catch yourself thinking that ANYTHING outside of you, is the problem then it is time to have a change of mind.

Let me explain and this is also what I said to my client.  In fact, here is the response I sent…

“No honey. It is not them ? never them. If it is them, then you cannot fix it. If it is something you are not doing then you can learn and change something. So question yourself, what can I do to get more people into my business. What is the most common objection they come up with and how can I counter it? Could I simply sell more of my product and let the cream rise to the top to join my business? Even if it seems to obviously be their fault, it never helps to act based on that. Best to wonder and correct you. You are the only thing you can control ? kind regards”

I need you to understand, honey – EVEN IF IT IS OBVIOUS that it is something external’s fault, you cannot change that and so it does not help you to focus too long or hard on that.  Always, your focus must be on the things YOU CAN DO!

There will always be things outside of your control and people are included in that and so dwelling on them, is pointless.

They are not responsible for your success – YOU ARE!

So, do not give your power away by allowing yourself to think for even a second that anyone or anything outside of you, is responsible for you not getting ahead.


You are more powerful than that.

There is always a way to where you want to go but if you tell yourself that forces beyond your control are getting in your way, your very powerful brain takes that as a signal that it needs no longer think up new solutions as you have now hit a roadblock.

You have not.

It is simply an obstacle and you can find a way around, over, through, under it!

Cultivate the thinking that there is ALWAYS a way to get whatever you want.


Even if you choose not to use the way, then it is a choice you are making and that is more powerful than feeling like you are a victim of the whims of whatever outside of you is controlling the day!

Do you see what I am saying?


See yourself as a very powerful creature that nothing and no one can halt…

And continually work that powerful brain to find solutions to any obstacles that come your way.

Even if that obstacle is a person.

You have the power to overcome so let’s get to it.


PS – Every day, you are experiencing situations that your current way of thinking does not allow you to overcome.

You need to be immersed in a new way of thinking and feeling and being and acting.  Honey, you are not living to even a tenth of your potential!

And it is time that you stirred up the power within you.

And that is what THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is about – Immersing you in a new way to think, feel and act that results in you living a more prosperous life in all areas.

Check out the details now at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-abundance-library

Much Amazing Love


  • Wayne says:

    Hi Rosemary. That’s very powerful advice, and a reminder that we all need to hear every now and then. Thank you for that.

    There is always a solution that is in your control. Even if you see the problem is the people, then maybe you’re attracting the wrong people and need to change something to attract the right ones.

    When I see something now working, I take a step back from the situation to get a different view of it. What is working and what isn’t. Keep the things that are, change something with the things that aren’t or replace them completely.

    There’s always a solution.

    Thanks for sharing your message Rosemary.

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