Inside of you is a garden…

A garden where you have planted a vast array of seeds – Some good, some bad…

And now you harvest the fruit of it.

Do you like the fruit?  Do you like the results you are getting?

Do you love your life at the moment?  Or are you somewhat dissatisfied?

Remember the seeds are your choice so you need to check in on what you are planting, if you want anything to change.

  1. Stop pretending to be happy

Are you pretending to be happy with what you are getting because you think you SHOULD be satisfied?  That too is a seed you are planting and it is a seed that stops you from exploring everything that you are capable of.  So you remain stuck and trapped in a life that you pretend to be happy with.

That seems silly to me.

Why not be real and face the fact that you do not like what you are getting?

We are designed to grow so why on earth would you persist in stifling that growth?  Why, why, why?

As I say, success is the easy part… it is the simple part…

All you need to do is continually see what you want to create and keep taking action to make it happen.

That is it – you keep taking the next step.

But instead you decide to stay stuck because you think it is the way you MUST do it!



Because you have experienced some success and now you think that that is all you can have?!

How strange!

YOU are created for growth, you are always expanding, you will never get ‘there’ and that is OKAY!

The problems rise when you try to remain stuck.

When you think you SHOULD remain stuck.

When you listen to all those other ‘norms’ out there, talking about avoiding stress as though it is completely a bad thing!  It is not.  The person who lives a completely stress-free existence is someone who is not growing, expanding or becoming more.

There is normal stress in growth and that is okay…

And if you want to impact more people and create more wealth, there will be stress.

2. Stop resisting growth

The problem is that you keep resisting growth.

You keep putting a false ceiling on yourself.

Enough already!


A stress-free existence is no kind of target.  What do you really want?

Do not put limits on it!  I Know, I KNOW you are already pretty blessed but your birthright is ABUNDANCE!  Remember that!  And you can experience more and more of that, same as anyone else who chooses to stay on path and create it.

Again, success is simple, straightforward, keep taking the next step – that is all.

The complication, the hard part is you believing you can not create what you want to create.

It is you believing you are not allowed to create what you want to create!

You can! and you are allowed!

There is nothing stopping you except your beliefs so…

3. Question Everything

Stop taking everything on face value.

Just because your parents believed something and now you believe it, DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE!

Truth will stand up to scrutiny.

Yes, there are some things you will have to choose to take on faith until the reality of it, is manifested but it is okay to question things, particularly any belief inside of you that causes you to get in your own way.

“Does it help or hinder me?” ask yourself that question over and over again and discard or at the very least, scrutinize anything that hinders you.

One big one is what you believe about what God wants you to do or even allows you to do…

You want to be spiritual, you want to be connected with source but there is a part of you that thinks your higher power is determined to keep you down.

Not so!

And it is okay to go straight to source and ask the question instead of just depending on learnt responses and other people’s interpretation of a static book.

Truth really does stand up to scrutiny and even for the things you take on faith, make sure that you really are happy to do so.  Let it not be because of some weird idea of being taken straight to hell, if you do not believe the prescribed formula.


Success itself is simple – You decide what you want and you keep doing the work to get it.  Simple.

You are the hard part – You refuse to accept it is that simple and you infect your ability to take action with all kinds of underlying stories about what you are allowed to do.

Surely, it is time for that to end…

I have two options for you…



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