Success Chronicles

Mum in Business’ Success Chronicles Volume 1

Over the last year, I have been overwhelmed by emails requesting a simple way to read my blog posts.  Many of you would rather have easy access to material that will change your life and your business within easy reach without having to dig through tons and tons of blog posts.  You wanted to have it EASILY accessible on your smartphone, iPad, Kindle, Nook or your computer.

Well…. I went to work and here it is! And With MORE Meat on the posts!


“Mum in Business’ Success Chronicles” eBook

In this exclusive eBook you will have readily available the secret keys to success that I used and still use daily to increase my profits and maintain the kind of life I love.  My clients are also privy to this information and already it is changing their life.

Topics include but are NOT limited to…

Sales Training – What to do when you hate selling- Pg 7

Time Management- A Big Key to taking back control of your time-  Pg 24

Creativity– How to give birth to your great new ideas – Pg 89

Mindset – How to stop this one crazy bad habit that keeps you completely stuck – Pg 83

Dealing with Fear – How to overcome and keep moving forward – Pg 73

Manifesting – How to get your desired outcome- Pg 93

Value –  Deciding what your value is in an increasingly negative world- Pg 53


115 pages of solid training and inspiration

I care for your success and this book is one way that I can show it.

Grab your copy now… Glean the lessons from it, use it to reprogram your mind for success…. it could be the thing that changes it all for you.  Your Breakthrough is right here!

It’s yours now for £12.97 

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