You decide you want a new relationship

Then you tell yourself and everyone else that all the good ones are taken, everyone is just playing games. They don’t want anything serious and so, what is even the point of wishing for things to change? And also, no one has ever really loved you before, they only ever use and abuse you so why believe that that can EVER be different?

You decide you want to be your own person, doing your own thing

Then you allow your family, your friends, their cultures and traditions to keep you trapped in a little box that is suffocating you but hey, it is for your own good, right?  THEY love you and know what is best for you, right?! And you do not believe it is the loving thing to do to upset the applecart too much, after all, there is that person(s) who needs you and if you go off and do your own thing, what will happen to them? You have no choice, right?!

You decide you want more money

And then you tell yourself and everyone else that your income is static in this job you are in and ain’t nothing gonna change…ever.  And frankly, you are already working ALL THE HOURS, how on earth can you make any more money without giving up EVEN MORE time? AND, isn’t it greedy to want more money?  What on earth will God think of you for being SOOO greedy?

You decide you want to be more fulfilled in the work that you do

And then you tell yourself and EVERYONE ELSE that you are not qualified to do anything else and so you are stuck and you will be grateful for this, after all, many do not have jobs in this economy. You are so lucky to have something, even if it is draining your life force – At least it pays the bills.

You decide you want to feel good in your own skin

And then you start yapping on about big bones and dodgy genetics being the reason why you cannot EVER achieve what you desire with your body. And unfortunately, since your whole life is a compromise (though you do not say this out loud), you feel tired & drained all the time, you don’t believe you can do exercise and all you want to do is eat to stuff down the feelings inside of you that may make you face the truth of this life you have settled for. (Even reading this is beginning to annoy you, if you are honest)

You decide you want to be more intimate with the Divine

And then you tell yourself and everyone else that He seems to single you out to NEVER speak to and that you are just not one of those people that has time or ability to hear the Divine but no worries, you will keep begging and pleading with the silent heavens for it.  Surely, something will finally shift…right?!  Surely, God loves you ‘unconditionally’ even if a huge part of you is more scared of his punishing, vengeful nature – the nature ascribed to him by your conditioning but you never question that!

AND you also ignore every single intuitive nudge that comes your way.  There is always a GREAT reason to ignore – Too scary, not enough money, not even sure it was God, Too hard, too ‘out there’, people like me do not get to do things like that, too many responsibilities, I asked my pastor and he said it was not God, too selfish of me to just do my own thing, how dare I believe that ‘little old me’ can have ‘all of that’?, too proud of me – I gotta give God the glory or else he’ll be offended and strike me down with lightning, and so on…

But hey, the Divine never speaks to you, right?!


So many wonderful desires thwarted by your need to ‘be real’ or whatever you call it.

Do you even notice you do it?

Honey, your desires are yours to create.

There is always a way.


But while you keep wavering, you will keep getting in your own glorious way.

And I do understand that fear, doubt, a lack of trust are your normal ways of operating in the world but can you not see that they are stopping you from expanding your life?

I understand that these things were conditioned into you by the happenings of the past but do you really want them to continue controlling you?

Are you not done with that yet, my love?

I invite you to discover a different path – I call it the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY.

It resonates with you because you are here reading this, because you have been asking for support from the Divine and THIS IS IT!

Will you listen this time?

Will you act this time?

Or will you again waver?

Get on path with my book – The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book at

You have been committed to the path of wavering for a really long time and your current existence is the result.

Are you willing to try something new?

No magic buttons are promised here.

Consistency is what changes things

Are you willing to consistently apply simple strategies to your life that work from the inside out to manifest new, more prosperous results?

If yes, get the book at

it is for driven spiritual people who know they are meant for more but feel stifled by self-doubt, lowered self-esteem and a lack of self-trust – Does that sound like you?

Then stop delaying

Stop wavering

Get on path now at

Much Amazing Love

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