I get irritated with some coaches…

They tell you what you want to hear

Not what you need to hear

they tell you that you do not need to create content

They tell you that there are easy ways that they alone can tell you about

They tell you that if you just embody this or that mindset then everything will be perfect and you will be making money left, right and centre in 3 seconds flat

And you listen

You buy

Maybe it works for 1 day but then YOU are back…

You don’t have the foundation to maintain whatever magic they are selling you

You have wasted time that could simply have been used to…






You could have just been building the foundations for your business consistently

Building something that lasts

But instead you were busy buying into easy buttons that do not exist

Spirit-Driven Soul, STOP!

There is no easy way to transition from someone who does not know how to make $5K online month in, month out, to being someone that does know and embody fully…

There are simple inner and outer steps to take


Over a period of time

And yes, you will need to create content – lots of it and every day – Maybe not as much as I do but then I enjoy creating

Yes, you will need to build a way of capturing people so that you can stay in touch with them, be it a group or an email list or preferably both

YES, you will need to offer something for sale every day

And essentially, you will need to do it from a place of connection to Source

Again, stop looking for the easy button

EASE is not the priority



It never comes before

Stop getting distracted and do the freaking work, will ya?

This is one of the main reasons I created the OPULENCE CIRCLE because spirit-driven souls are being deceived into thinking there is some easy.fast button that you can just flick when you have paid out thousands to learn the button.  There is none.  Come, let’s do life together – You overestimate what you can do in 1 month and underestimate what you can do in 6-12 of consistent powerful inner and outer action.


Much Amazing Love

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