It is like sitting in your car, waiting, waiting, waiting

The petrol is there

The wheels work well

The engine is ready

But you have not started up the car and started heading out in the direction of where you want to go

Instead you are sitting there, praying that God will come and take the wheel

In the unseen realm, the Divine waits on you patiently, lovingly

Waits for you to remember you have free will and that it will never be trampled on, no matter how much you beg and plead…

And so the Divine waits for you to be absolutely sure you want to go

So sure that you face your fears enough to start the car and begin heading out

Maybe, you only do it gingerly

Maybe you are a LOT scared

But at least, you gotta choose to take the car out of brake mode and BEGIN heading out

And the moment you begin, as you ask for guidance and direction WHILE CONTINUING TO MOVE IN THE DIRECTION YOU WANT TO GO, ideas pop into your head about which way to steer the car…

Every so often, you might even feel a gust of wind helping you go faster

I know the analogy is not perfect

But can you see that it is easier to redirect a MOVING car than it is to do anything to a stationary car

And that is what a lot of spirit-driven people do…

Maybe even you…

They sit VERY STILL in a life they do not love but DEFINITELY created and they are waiting for rescue

And the Divine looks on lovingly wondering when they will finally decide to move in the direction of their desire

When will they finally realise that they contain limitless power within themselves?

When will they realise that they are the designer of their own life, whether they do it deliberately or passively?

I see all these begging and pleading prayers

And I have done a fair share of them myself

In some ways, that is not the problem here

The problem is when that is all you are doing…

Begging, pleading but then refusing to move your feet in the direction of what you desire

It can be scary to do what seems to be the frivolous thing when faced with a physical reality that tries to make you go smaller and smaller

And yet, you must ignore that physical reality and actually start walking by faith

It will feel confronting

You will stretch

You will wonder if you have what it takes to go the distance

But all you need to do is keep your mind firmly on the vision/desire

And keep taking the next step physically

And mentally, keep clearing any idea that tells you to give up or that you cannot have what you want

That is faith

And as you do that, seeming miracles will happen

Some call them synchronicities


As you see yourself as your own saviour and you lean into the Divine for guidance AND YOU MOVE THEM FEET…

Your desires will manifest

They just will.

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Much Amazing Love

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